Hoy traemos a este espacio al FOURTH GLOBAL MACHINE INTELLIGENCE SUMMIT, que tedrá lugar el 28 - 29 JUNE 2017 en Amsterdam Informar de un error de Maps Postillion Convention Centre Amsterdam Paul van Vlissingenstraat 8 The Postillion Convention Centre Amsterdam is very conveniently located between the city and the arterial roads and 20 minutes from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. TOPICS WE COVER NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION Where machine learning meets artificial intelligence. The rise of intelligent machines to make sense of data. The Machine Intelligence Summit: where machine learning meets artificial intelligence. The rise of intelligent machines to make sense of data in the real world.

[D] Deep Learning for NLP, advancements and trends in 2017 • r/MachineLearning


Man I love these summary of the year posts. That's really where I learn the most in the shortest time. For example, I stumbled upon this one related to semantic segmentation recently and it's been a huge help. Thank you for posting this.

Ali Rahimi's talk at NIPS(NIPS 2017 Test-of-time award presentation)


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Your Online Shopping Habit Is Fueling a Robotics Renaissance


Go ahead, hit that BUY NOW button. Procure that sweater or TV or pillow that looks like a salmon fillet. Hit that button and fulfill the purpose of a hardworking warehouse robot. Just know this: the more you rely on online shopping, the more online retailers rely on robots to deliver those products to you. Other robots scan barcodes to do inventory.

Scientists devise Men in Black forgetting mechanism for AI

Daily Mail

Researchers have developed a way to prevent artificial intelligence from thwarting human control. Artificially intelligent machines can learn from the outcomes of their actions to improve their own abilities – but, experts say this characteristic could lead to AI that'can't be stopped.' Now, a team of AI researchers has developed a system they've likened to the memory-erasing'neuralyzer' from the Men in Black films, to essentially interrupt the AI by deleting parts of its memory, without disrupting the way it learns. Researchers developed a system they've dubbed'safe interruptibility.' The researchers developed a system they've dubbed'safe interruptibility.'



Today, autonomous machines that use reinforcement learning are not common. "This system works really well when the consequences of making mistakes are minor," says El Mhamdi. "In full autonomy and without human supervision, it couldn't be used in the self-driving shuttle buses in Sion, for instance, for safety reasons. However, we could simulate the shuttle buses and the city of Sion and run an AI algorithm that awards and subtracts points as the shuttle-bus system learns. That's the kind of simulation that's being done at Tesla, for example.

How To Train Your Robot - Disruption Hub


Whether the advanced robots of today work in the warehouses of Ocado and Amazon or at the shop front of electronics store Best Buy, it's clear that more and more businesses are seeing the merit of installing intelligent machines. But while these industry giants have the resources and skills to make robots a reality, others are not quite so well equipped. No matter how many amazing things robots can do, there are often teething problems with the technology. The main barriers to adoption include the time and expertise needed to programme bots to complete even simple tasks. Luckily, Californian startup Embodied Intelligence wants to change this by expanding robots' ability to learn.

Introduction to Python Deep Learning with Keras - Machine Learning Mastery


Two of the top numerical platforms in Python that provide the basis for Deep Learning research and development are Theano and TensorFlow. Both are very powerful libraries, but both can be difficult to use directly for creating deep learning models. In this post, you will discover the Keras Python library that provides a clean and convenient way to create a range of deep learning models on top of Theano or TensorFlow. Introduction to the Python Deep Learning Library Keras Photo by Dennis Jarvis, some rights reserved. Keras is a minimalist Python library for deep learning that can run on top of Theano or TensorFlow.