Tinder is charging over-30s up to 48% more

Daily Mail - Science & tech 

Tinder is charging people over 30 up to 48 per cent more for its premium service, an investigation has revealed. Which? said its findings suggest possible discrimination and a potential breach of UK law by the popular dating app. The consumer group also initially accused Tinder of hiking prices for young gay and lesbian users aged 18-29, but has since backtracked on this. A statement from Which? said: 'Having initially chosen not to provide further information, Tinder has since revealed that it offers discounts to users aged 28 and under in the UK.' It added that the dating app'claimed that by including 29-year-olds in our analysis of the relationship between price with age and sexual orientation, "the results would be skewed to make it appear that LGBTQAI members paid more based upon orientation, when in fact, it was based upon age".' Which? said that in light of the new information, it has'no evidence that sexual orientation impacts pricing for young Tinder users'. Tinder had previously said it was'categorically untrue' that its pricing structure discriminates by sexual preference.