Facebook Admits Sharing Users' Data With 61 Tech Companies


Facebook has admitted that the company gave dozens of tech companies and app developers special access to its users' data after publicly saying it had restricted outside companies to access such data back in 2015. It's an unusual clear view of how the largest social networking site manages your personal information. During the Cambridge Analytica scandal revealed March this year, Facebook stated that it already cut off third-party access to its users' data and their friends in May 2015 only. However, in a 747-page long document [PDF] delivered to Congress late Friday, the social networking giant admitted that it continued sharing data with 61 hardware and software makers, as well as app developers after 2015 as well. The disclosure comes in response to hundreds of questions posed to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg by members of Congress in April about its company's practices with data of its billions of users.

How to set up Alexa on your Sonos One or Sonos Beam


Alexa has taken the world by storm as arguably the most comprehensive and full-featured digital assistant out there. Not only is it a great way to interact with your Amazon devices, but you can also find Alexa on a range of third-party devices – including some Sonos speakers, which many consider to be the best multi-room speakers on the market. If you're looking to set up Alexa to use on your Sonos speaker, there are a few things you should know. Like, for example, the fact that Alexa currently only works with the Sonos One and Sonos Beam speakers, though more are sure to come, and you can still use Alexa with other Sonos speakers. In any case, here's a step-by-step guide to set up Alexa for your Sonos One or Sonos Beam speaker.

Leverage the Power of Machine Learning to Retain Users for Life CleverTap


Football season is finally back, and that 75" HD flat screen you've had your eye on for ages is on sale. You've entered your payment details and are all ready to hit "Complete checkout"… but then you notice the delivery options. With order processing time, will your new TV arrive before the kickoff game? You spot a chat icon in the corner of the screen and click to ask about your potential delivery window. In just a few minutes, you find out the TV will definitely arrive in time, with no extra rush shipping fees.

Loved Clothes Last, Thanks to Artificial Intelligence


It is almost customary to mention the 1995 Hollywood blockbuster, Clueless, while writing about wardrobe management apps. The movie's protagonist, Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone) picked her outfit of the day from a digital wardrobe that captured the imagination of fashionistas galore. Entrepreneurs, mainly in the US, have tried their hand at wardrobe fashion apps but didn't succeed, with the exception of long-standing players like Stylebook and Cladwell. The biggest peeve has been the effort and time taken to get started with such apps. Many users switch off at the prospect of individually photographing every garment and adding its details to the online wardrobe.

How To Write Killer Machine Learning Apps StartUs Magazine


The smartphone revolution is upon us and what a coup it's shaping up to be. More than 2.5 billion people, about 36% of the world's population, own a smartphone, a massive improvement from only 10% in 2011 and the best is still yet to come. It is, therefore, no surprise that mobile app development is one of the most lucrative gigs in the tech industry, with thousands of young, creative developers raking in thousands of dollars per month. With millions of applications covering every aspect of life available in Apple, Windows and Android stores, the last thing you want to do is create another generic app. Right now, the demand for "smart" apps, typically build around Machine Learning concept, is continually increasing and so are the potential returns.

Electrolux Pure i9 Review: An Effective, But Expensive Robot Vacuum


Many people like to run their robovacs at night or while they're at work. I choose to run ours while I'm awake, right after dinner and while we're putting the kids to bed. First off, I don't see any reason to walk around all evening with crumbs sticking to the bottoms of my feet if I don't have to. But I've also found that most robot vacuums will require rescue, which means you have to be awake or around. If you're sufficiently pressed for time and energy that you need a robot vacuum, you're probably not being as diligent as you could be about eliminating botvac booby traps, like tiny doll socks or stray shoelaces.

Building a Speech To Text Artificial Intelligence app in C# and Azure


Speech recognition is a standard for modern apps. Users expect to be able to speak, be understood, and be spoken to. The Microsoft Cognitive Services – Speech API allows you to easily add real-time speech recognition to your app, so it can recognize audio coming from multiple sources and convert it to text, the app understands. In this tutorial, I would walk you through the steps for creating your first Speech-to-Text artificial intelligence in a simple C# console application using the Microsoft Bing Speech Cognitive API. Step 1: Login to Azure (If you do not have any subscription already then create one, else login to your existing account).

Hinge dating app will begin using machine learning to make better matches


Hinge, the Facebook friend-based dating app, has been testing machine learning to make better matches for singles. The feature is called Most Compatible and according to multiple reports, plans to use all your data (there's a whole trove of it on Facebook) to match people with each other. Most Compatible has been tested once a week for at least this past month, but it will now become a daily feature. Hinge founder Justin McLeod said that this new feature mainly relies on the classic item matching algorithm Gale-Shapley, which was developed in 1962 and is nickname the stable marriage algorithm. It basically tries making successful matches by choosing the most seemingly compatible person.

Facebook's Chat Bot Patent Is Its Latest E-Commerce Play


A newly published Facebook patent allows users to pay for goods through messaging bots on its app, highlighting the company's continued expansion into commerce. Facebook wants users to order their morning lattes via chat. The company's patent application published last week entitled "Processing Payment Transactions Using Artificial Intelligence Messaging Services," outlines a messaging bot that interprets and responds to users' purchase requests. Instead of opening a merchant's app to search for and buy products, users could visit the company's Facebook page, engage a messaging bot, and place orders within the chat. The patent adds further context to Facebook's support for payments in Messenger, a version of which is currently in closed developer beta.

How Wimbledon is using AI to enhance the fan experience


From strawberries and cream to its all-white dress code, Wimbledon is a sporting event steeped in tradition. But while many of its famous traditions have remained the same since it began in 1877, Wimbledon has also been quietly innovating - particularly when it comes to technology and data. One of its biggest strides in this area has been the use of artificial intelligence, made possible by a long-standing partnership with IBM. Here's a look at how Wimbledon is upping the ante when it comes to AI, and how the technology is enriching the fan experience. While big-name matches might still draw in TV audiences, 'appointment viewing' seems to be in decline for sporting events like Wimbledon.