Nancy Mace sees AI as a chance to improve border security: 'A lot of opportunity'

FOX News 

GOP Rep. Nancy Mace spoke exclusively with Fox News Digital about her thoughts on the rapidly advancing AI sector as Congress races to get ahead of the burgeoning technology. EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., is calling on the federal government to use artificial intelligence technology to better secure the southwestern border. During an interview with Fox News Digital, Mace suggested the rapidly advancing technology could be used to enhance border patrol agents' monitoring capabilities as border officials continue to see a record number of illegal aliens attempting to cross into the U.S. through Mexico. On one front, she said, AI could help better collect "biometrics of everyone that comes across the border, especially when we're talking about by land and illegally. Rep. Nancy Mace spoke with Fox News Digital about how AI technology can be used to improve border security. "And if you're using AI to find their biometrics in a database or multiple databases, I believe it can be done in a much swifter fashion," the congresswoman explained. "I think that that kind of technology could be used when you're driving through the border.

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