Abbott launches AI-powered coronary OCT imaging system in Europe


To give clinicians a quick, cross-sectional look into potential blockages of the heart's major arteries, Abbott has combined digital imaging technology with artificial intelligence to build an automated system for cardiac procedures. The company's Ultreon software relies on catheters equipped with optical coherence tomography, which uses laser light to scan the interior of a blood vessel and the immediately surrounding tissues to detect calcium and plaque deposits, while also instantly measuring the diameter of an artery. The system--which has now received a CE Mark in Europe--is designed to provide surgeons with prompt information during the placement of coronary stents, faster and more precisely compared to conventional angiography imaging. A previous study by Abbott found having the information from OCT scans readily available led most physicians to change their treatment approach, by selecting the proper stent size and placement location. RELATED: FDA clears PhotoniCare's handheld OCT scanner for checking ear infections After planning a procedure using angiography alone, 88% of operations altered course when surgeons saw high-resolution OCT images and automatic measurements from inside the patient's arteries.

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