The 'Big Bang' of Data Science and ML Tools


The tools used for data science are rapidly changing at the moment, according to Gartner, which said we're in the midst of a "big bang" in its latest report on data science and machine learning platforms. "The data science and ML market is healthy and vibrant, with a broad mix of vendors offering a range of capabilities," Gartner says in its Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms published January 28. "The market is experiencing a'big bang' that is redefining not only who does data science and ML, but how it is done." The analyst group defines a data science platform as an integrated place where data scientists, citizen data scientists, and developers can get all of the core capabilities that they need to not only build data science application, but to embed them into existing business processes and manage and maintain them over time. Integration and cohesion are keys, in Gartner's view, and applications that simply bundle various packages and libraries – especially open source offerings -- are not considered true platforms.

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