Novel Systems Machine Learning Engineer


STR's Analytics division researches and develops advanced analytics and machine learning-based solutions to solve challenging problems related to national security. Our team consists of passionate and motivated engineers with advanced degrees in engineering, computer science, mathematics, and data sciences, who are seeking opportunities to use their deep technical knowledge and creativity to tackle some of the hardest problems that our customers face. Our projects span multiple different data modalities and incorporate advanced algorithms, deep learning, and statistical techniques to uncover patterns in social media, structured and unstructured text, time series, geospatial, and imagery data, and must operate under challenging constraints not typically found in the commercial world. The tools and technologies we develop have real world impact and are used by analysts to extract and enrich intelligence information around the globe. In the Machine Learning Engineer – Algorithms Lead role, you will lead teams that develop and evaluate statistical and machine learning algorithms to uncover hidden information and patterns from a diverse collection of massive datasets.

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