Uber sells self-driving car division to Aurora after years of turmoil, deadly accident

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Uber is selling its self-driving car unit, reflecting the culmination of a rocky tenure marked by ambitions of revolutionary technology, accusations of stolen trade secrets, a deadly accident and government scrutiny. The ride-hailing app has negotiated a deal to sell its Advanced Technologies Group to self-driving car start-up Aurora, which is headed by Chris Urmson, the former leader of Google's autonomous vehicle efforts. The move doesn't mean Uber is abandoning self-driving cars. The company is investing $400 million in Amazon-backed Aurora and is forming a technology partnership with Uber, while Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi is joining the start-up's board. The deal reflects an admission by Uber that its once-ambitious self-driving car division had faltered, burning cash and failing to achieve its goal of revolutionizing transportation and boosting profits by removing the need for a human driver.

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