Introduction to Logistic Regression: Predicting Diabetes


Data can be broadly divided into continuous data, those that can take an infinite number of points within a given range such as distance or time, and categorical/discrete data, which contain a finite number of points or categories within a given group of data such as payment methods or customer complaints. We have already seen examples of applying regression to continuous prediction problems in the form of linear regression where we predicted sales, but in order to predict categorical outputs we can use logistic regression. While we are still using regression to predict outcomes, the main aim of logistic regression is to be able to predict which category and observation belongs to rather than an exact value. Examples of questions which this method can be used for include: "How likely is a person to suffer from a disease (outcome) given their age, sex, smoking status, etc (variables/features)?" "How likely is this email to be spam?" "Will a student pass a test given some predictors of performance?".

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