These Are the First 100% AI-Generated Stock Photos of People


Smarterpix, Germany's leading stock photo agency, has announced an industry-first: a set of stock portraits that are 100% generated by artificial intelligence (AI) and available for legal licensing. Smarterpix is operated by PantherMedia, the first microstock agency in Germany, which partnered with VAIsual, a technology company that pioneers algorithms and solutions to generate synthetic licensed stock media. The two have come together to offer the first set of 100% AI-generated, licensable stock photos of "people." None of the photos are of people who actually exist. PantherMedia says that phase one of its partnership with VAIsual will see a library of human portraits appear on Smarterpix, all of which can be generated with a green-screen background which allows them to be easily merged or inserted with other synthetic elements or real-life photography backgrounds to create entirely new content.