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Council Post: What Is The Future Of Artificial Intelligence In Photo Editing?


Ben Meisner is the Founder of the leading online photo editing platform Artificial intelligence (AI) may seem like a buzzword of the 21st century, but it entered the human psyche some time ago. A Harvard article on the history of AI points out that science fiction brought the concept into our minds in the first half of the 20th century through characters like the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz and the humanoid robot impersonating Maria in Metropolis. Mankind is now taking the concept from idea to reality, and today AI has tremendous application in everything from medicine, construction and finance to home appliances, social media and copywriting. It has the unique capability to quickly learn from significant amounts of data, enabling it to tackle some of our most challenging technological issues.

Are You Sure You Know What a Photograph Is?


As a child, I would sit on the balcony of our Dhaka apartment overlooking the pond and flip through our two family photo albums. After the Bangladesh liberation war in 1971, film was scarce and our camera had broken. With nowhere to get it repaired or to buy film, we had no more family photos for almost a decade. There are no photos of me until I was 8 years old. The tiny, gemlike black-and-white prints of my parents and older brother were fragments of my history that, as curator Glen Helfand said, "captured a fraction of a second of activity and fueled narratives for generations." These images were absorbed by my soul, stored as evidence of the stories of my family from before my birth, and are now on my kids' iPhones.

Even drone newbies can pull off cinematic shots with Skydio's new mode


Flying up and forward was hard enough for me as a first-time camera drone pilot, so when Skydio, a consumer autonomous flying drone company based in the Bay Area, reps suggested I could take movie-like shots I laughed it off. But with the recently released Skydio 2 drone, it actually is possible for an unskilled pilot like myself to pull off an advanced shot. At the CES tech show earlier this month Skydio unveiled KeyFrame, which automates one of the more mind-bending challenges in drone photography: nailing your chosen spots and angles in three-dimensional space with cinematic flourish. I tried out this new skill, and while I didn't capture the most riveting content while learning the ropes, I saw how it makes flying between different shots possible. Before KeyFrame, even the most skilled pilot would struggle to direct the drone to the exact same vantage spot or fly smoothly in reverse the same way it had previously flown.

The world in your pocket: How smartphones will get smarter in 2022


In 2022, there will be even more niche phones that offer a rich experience and a narrow appeal like gaming phones and foldables. New phones for 2022 are already debuting left and right, and it's barely been two weeks. During CES 2022, Samsung announced the Galaxy S21 FE, the follow-up to its popular 2020 phone the Galaxy S20 FE. OnePlus teased us all with a slow trickle of details about the new features and CPU in the OnePlus 10 Pro. Sony finally brought the photography-focused Xperia 5 III to the US.

These Are the First 100% AI-Generated Stock Photos of People


Smarterpix, Germany's leading stock photo agency, has announced an industry-first: a set of stock portraits that are 100% generated by artificial intelligence (AI) and available for legal licensing. Smarterpix is operated by PantherMedia, the first microstock agency in Germany, which partnered with VAIsual, a technology company that pioneers algorithms and solutions to generate synthetic licensed stock media. The two have come together to offer the first set of 100% AI-generated, licensable stock photos of "people." None of the photos are of people who actually exist. PantherMedia says that phase one of its partnership with VAIsual will see a library of human portraits appear on Smarterpix, all of which can be generated with a green-screen background which allows them to be easily merged or inserted with other synthetic elements or real-life photography backgrounds to create entirely new content.

Best AI Tools That Transform Photo Editing


All businesses have started to integrate AI in all their tasks to have a brighter and highly efficient future. Photo editing is one area that has seen a massive transformation ever since AI has been integrated with it. Competition levels have risen, the industry has grown, and the world of photography has been completely transformed. AI Photo Editing Software includes features such as filters, different backgrounds, and templates. These features make the complex photo editing job quite easy to perform with a few clicks of a button.

6 Photography Trends 2022: AI Modes, Post-Instagram, Camera Shortages, More


The start of a new year implies one thing: new and exciting aesthetic photography trends to embrace. Even the quickest telephoto lenses can't keep up with the fast-paced world of photography. However, it's also an exciting period for photographers, and it's set to get even more interesting to experience the photography trends in 2022. This year has delivered some ground-breaking equipment that continues to alter both cameras and photography, whether users shoot with a smartphone, film camera, or mirrorless powerhouse; these trends are sought to be seen in 2022. Desktop photo editors like Photoshop and Luminar AI are trying to outdo one other with new AI tactics, similar to the computational photography battles being conducted between smartphones.

30X Optical Zoom 1080P with Object Identification and Tracking Gimbal Camera for Drone UAV


SEEKER-30 AI-TIR supports dual sensors object identification and tracking based on deep learning algorithm and ECO tracking algorithm. It has an AI object identification and tracking module, with which SEEKER-30 AI-TIR can realize car, human automatic recognition and tracking by choosing the corresponding tracking mode. SEEKER-30 AI-TIR can be controlled via sbus, serial port. Functions like target tracking or pseudo-color pattern switching can be realized via sbus control. SEEKER-30 AI-TIR supports Max.128G storage.

Sara Bastai creates surreal photography with artificial intelligence


AI analyses the visual data in Bastai's photographic memories, creating new caption-like readings of images which, in turn, inform fabricated scenes. 'A woman holding a piece of food up to her mouth,' reads one of the AI interpretations. Bastai's response is a tactile image of someone with glossy skin chomping into a strawberry. 'A group of people posing for a picture' becomes strangely choreographed. The mundanity of the captioning is in humorous contrast to the subtle absurdity of the constructed works.

Drone Technology Information, Working & Uses - Global Tech Gadgets


Drones became the most loved gadget nowadays. Drones are getting huge demand in the market. Amazing aerial photography is the main reason drones are used by photographers, businesses for spectacular shots. Drones could be extremely helpful during rescue operations in the mountains and in the forests. Just imagine how many lives they can save with timely delivered medical supplies or simply a bottle of water!! Drones were used mostly by the military in the old days.