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Google bets on new phone chip to bolster AI technology


Google is making a bigger bet on smartphones by joining rivals Apple and Samsung in designing the device's most critical component in-house: the main processor. The Alphabet company says its upcoming flagship phones, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, will include new Tensor chips when they go on sale later this year. Google had previously used Qualcomm processors in all of its Pixel phones since the first models launched in 2016. The new chip is designed to bolster artificial-intelligence technology and improve speech recognition and the processing of photos and video. The new component will be Google's first system-on-a-chip -- technology that integrates the device's elements.

Two gadgets every pro drone pilot needs


Profession drone pilots needs to consider that they will be generating huge amounts of data in the form of photos and video. High quality images, along with 4K and even 5.4K video takes up a crazy amount of space, and if you don't plan for it right at the start, you're quickly going to get swamped by it. I've been a pro-am photographer for years and know just how quickly gigabytes can fill up, but even that didn't prepare me for getting into drone photography and videography. Must read: Why you need to urgently update all your iPhones, iPads, and Macs - NOW! There's are two aspects to handling the photos and video once they have been captured onto high-quality microSD cards (I only use SanDisk Pro or Extreme Pro cards from reputable suppliers -- cheap cards can't handle the data speeds needed for 4K and 5.4K, and fake cards are hugely unreliable). The first is ingesting the data off the cards, and the second is storage.

Unveiling Unexpected Training Data in Internet Video

Communications of the ACM

During training, the squared L2 error between the clean spectrogram and the predicted spectrogram is used as a loss function to train the network. At inference time, our separation model can be applied to arbitrarily long segments of video and varying numbers of speakers. The latter is achieved by either directly training the model with multiple-input visual streams (one for speaker), or simply by feeding the visual features of the desired speaker to the visual stream. For full details about the architecture and training process, see our full paper.15

Meet the artist queering AI technology


On a screen a pair of big, dark-lashed eyes grow out from amorphous smudges of orange and blue. A nose follows, and then a heavily lipsticked mouth, with the recognisably exaggerated aesthetic of a drag queen. But before the face takes a complete form it has already begun to dissolve into something – or someone – else. But these faces take drag's contortions one step further. The faces in the video, called Queering the Dataset, are all deepfakes generated by a hacked artificial intelligence (AI) system.

5 AI uses in Photography - Think Big


On our blog, we enjoy sharing the applications of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in sectors that may surprise you. Previously, in "Dining with Data" we saw how customers may be able to order pizza with their eyes, and how doctors can be trained with Virtual Reality. Today, we are going to explore the world of digital photography. This market is expected to be worth $100.79bn by 2021, and as technology has developed, the industry has become more accessible to all. Below you can find out five examples where AI is helping both amateur and professional photographers when shooting and editing.

10 drones on sale: Try your hand at aerial photography and more


When you use a drone to take pictures, you can capture a bird's eye view of the mountains or stunning ocean-scapes without having to strain for the perfect shot. As of July 18, these 10 drones are all on sale to help you capture images and memories you can hold on to for life. If you want a drone that's super customizable, the Micro Drone 3.0 combo pack is the way to go. Get this micro drone for over 39% off, with a price drop to $129.97 (regularly $215) for a limited time. With FHD video shooting and real-time video transmission, you'll be primed to capture the perfect shot.

Top 8 Image Processing Libraries in Python (A Comprehensive Guide)


Presenting a real picture as a set of numbers by managing and storing it through a computer is known as a digital image. The above definition states that a set of numbers represents a digital image. Well, then we don't know what is meant by a set of numbers. The set of numbers is referred to as the picture element, which we know as pixels. The imaging device records a number or a small set of numbers that describe some of the properties of that pixel, such as its brightness, light intensity, or color for each pixel, and these numbers are arranged in rows and columns to match the vertical and horizontal position of the pixel.

The Planets with the Giant Diamonds Inside - Issue 102: Hidden Truths


On the dark night of March 13, 1781, William Herschel settled down in his garden observatory in Bath, England, for a routine night of observing stars, when he noticed something out of place in the heavens. Through the eyepiece of his homemade 7-foot telescope, he spied an interloper in the constellation Gemini: "a curious, either nebulous star or perhaps a comet," as he recorded it. For weeks, he stalked the unknown object, monitoring its steady appearance and circular path around the sun until there could be no doubt about its true identity. He had discovered not a comet but a new planet, far more distant than any of the others. Being a politically astute fellow, Herschel proposed naming the planet Georgium Sidus, or "George's star," in honor of King George III. The ploy worked--he promptly was named the king's astronomer and received a royal stipend--but his colleagues outside of England objected. They wanted a noble and politically neutral name like Urania, the Greek muse of astronomy. In the end, scientists settled on the even more dignified "Uranus," the ancient Greek god of the sky and ancestor of the other deities. Uranus orbits the sun at twice the distance of Saturn, so Herschel's discovery instantly doubled the size of the known solar system.

Beginner's Guide To Lucid: A Network For Visualizing Neural Networks


Computer Vision or CV can be defined as a field of study that aims to develop techniques to enable computers to "see" or develop "vision" and also understand the content of digital images such as photographs and videos. Images and text are all around us these days, and they encircle human society. Smartphones these days have cameras that can capture high-resolution images in just a touch. Sharing photos and videos have never been easier, thanks to social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Even with messaging apps like Whatsapp and Telegram, connectivity today has become much easier, and hence it also seems to be getting even simplified day by day.

Take 4K photos and videos from the sky with this drone on sale


TL;DR: Capture cool aerial shots with the Stealth Dragon 240 headless FPV drone on sale for $119.99, down from $199 as of July 2. That's a savings of 40%. Ever wonder how people capture mind-blowing city or nature shots without risking their lives? The key is to get a camera tool that can take flight for you. With the Stealth Dragon 240 headless FPV drone, you can become one of those incredible photographers you admire. The Stealth Dragon lets you view real-time images and video footage in 4K HD quality, which means you can watch it on its journey as it flies around the city or your neighborhood. By connecting it to your smartphone, you can view videos and images as they're captured and be in total control of the drone itself -- without having to purchase extra accessories.