Inbenta: Taking NLP to the Global Enterprise


To pinpoint Inbenta's proposition in the marketplace, Jordi begins by making the important distinction between human-to-computer communication and human-to-human communication: "When we have to communicate with computers, historically humans have used HTML, Java, XML, 'command line' and a variety of languages that we collectively call'Formal Languages'. But when humans communicate with each other, we use English, Spanish and thousands of other languages called'Natural Languages'". Natural Language Processing (NLP), of course, is an area of AI that allows a computer to understand a Natural Language – and it's in this field that Inbenta thrive. At Inbenta we have developed a true natural language understanding platform that takes care of user conversations in website sites and mobile apps, answering 99% of user questions automatically and also guiding customers through all sales and support processes using chatbots. Inbenta are already working with an impressive array of enterprises, as their website shows.

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