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9 Examples of Machine Learning in Action


The term "machine learning" makes it sound like computers will solve problems for us without much human guidance. But, some fascinating careers are paving the way for artificial intelligence to help us all out in our daily lives and at work. Machine Learning Engineers and Data Scientists that specialize in machine learning get to work in pretty diverse industries. That's one of the best things about a career in programming or data science -- you can take those skills just about anywhere. It also means that you can work in a field that excites you or one in which you feel like you're making a positive contribution.

Create a very smart chatbot with BlenderBot


Released in April 2020 and created by Facebook, BlenderBot makes a super-chatbot. Note that a good computer is necessary. The worse your machine's capabilities are, the slower the chatbot will respond. A tokenizer is a tool based on an algorithm based on a set of rules or on learning from a manually tagged corpus. It allows to split the text into words.

Want hands-free lighting? These are the best smart bulbs to use with Google Home.


If you're looking to bolster your smart home with smart bulbs, utilizing Google Home compatibility is a tempting proposition for those of us with Android phones or other Google compatible devices, i.e. pretty much everyone. Equipping your home with a smart lighting system that offers voice controls and the ability to manipulate your lights far more efficiently than through conventional means is great, but where do you begin? It feels like there are countless different smart light bulbs out there, all offering different features from Amazon Alexa support to Apple HomeKit compatibility or simply the ability to change the color temperature at a moment's notice. To help narrow things down, we've taken a look at the very best smart bulbs for Google Home and the Google Home app, offering you voice command support so you can "speak" to your lighting system. While it might seem like something expensive and substantial such as the Philips Hue bulb system is the solution for everyone, it's possible to implement smart lighting on a tight budget providing you know where to look.

Five AI trends to look out for in 2021


With artificial intelligence (AI) evolving at a rapid pace, it's important to stay abreast of what's happening in this tech-driven sphere. And with new developments heading your way in 2021, we've got you covered: Here are the top five AI trends to look out for in the new year. AI has been a buzzword in many industries for quite some time. With more familiarity surrounding this term, more businesses are becoming aware of the benefits of the use of this technology. From those working in robotics to data analysts at media intelligence agencies, AI is here to make the lives of employees a whole lot easier, and the technologies only continue to expand. Thus, in order to keep up with how these developments can be used, it's important to stay up to date with the latest trends.

Top 30 Marketing Influencers you need to follow for 2021


To be successful and cut through the noise, you must keep up with the latest trends and consistently improve your strategies. Influencer marketing, social media marketing, brand awareness, and marketing automation have transformed the landscape. And if we want to succeed as business owners in 2021, we must stay up to date. Without a good marketing guru, a brand is simply that: A brand. But, if you come across a top marketer like some of the folks mentioned below, you don't have to be concerned about your brand being overlooked.

MONDAY MINDSET: How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Business in 2021 - Austin Technology Council


In 2021, Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer merely a genre of cult Sci-Fi movies. Without many of us even noticing, AI has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Alexa, Siri, Cortana), we are surrounded by AI, even if we don't always realize it. In today's blog, let's review some of the most important examples of AI in business. Artificial intelligence is the "simulation of human intelligence," usually using some form of machine processing and learning designed to emulate the human brain.

Artificial Intelligence in HR is Balancing Tech and Touch


Recently the pandemic has pushed digital transformation to the front of the line. While collaborative tools allowed us to work from home and maintain close contact with our co-workers, the next step is just around the corner, thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning. In every element of the company, the pandemic is driving a move towards a hybrid work paradigm, changing people's management and the way we work. Enterprises are on the verge of digital transformation and the use of artificial intelligence in HR departments will accelerate this process. Digital transformation improves the customer experience while also unlocking new value.

How AI Innovations Are Influencing All Aspects of Marketing


Today artificial intelligence (AI) still sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it's undoubtedly real. AI is leaving its footprint in practically every industry, and marketing has been no exception. In this article, you'll discover how AI is changing marketing, and several ways organizations are using the technology to grow. Artificial Intelligence refers to any system able to perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence. AI can also do things that humans can't, such as mind-reading, and if you feel that's a bit problematic, you're not alone.

Fact check: Facebook didn't pull the plug on two chatbots because they created a language

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It's hard to escape artificial intelligence. From algorithms curating social media feeds to personal assistants on smartphones and home devices, AI has become part of everyday life for millions of people across the world. The future of that human-tech relationship may one day involve AI systems being able to learn entirely on their own, becoming more efficient, self-supervised and integrated within a variety of applications and professions. But some on social media claim this evolution toward AI autonomy has already happened. "Facebook recently shut down two of its AI robots named Alice & Bob after they started talking to each other in a language they made up," reads a graphic shared July 18 by the Facebook group Scary Stories & Urban Legends.

Gupshup nabs $240M to power messaging channels


All the sessions from Transform 2021 are available on-demand now. Conversational messaging platform Gupshup today announced that it raised $240 million led by Tiger Global Management, with participation from Fidelity Management, Think Investments, Malabar Investments, Harbor Spring Capital, and others. The tranche, which values the company at $1.64 billion, will be used to build new tools, infrastructure, and services while expanding Gupshup's global reach, CEO Beerud Sheth said. The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation for enterprises, in some cases driving the need for messaging services. Offline businesses are moving online while online businesses are offering more products, and both are looking for tools to better engage customers.