Top 5 Customer Experience (CX) Predictions for 2020


The customer-centric organizations of today are already keenly aware of the digital revolution, which has transformed conventional business models while empowering customers. Over the last decade, customer experience (CX) has drastically changed with the introduction of several opportunities for customers to interact, engage and transact with brands at their convenience across multiple channels. Digital 2.0 is the next phase, where the plain and simple customer experience of old will make space for intuitive, contextual and practical engagement across different customer touchpoints. By 2020, digital technologies like AI, biometrics, machine and deep learning and robotic automation will revolutionize the way consumers interact with organizations and brands. According to Gartner, 2020 is going to witness 20 billion'things' connected to the Internet.

Amazon's Alexa is coming for your microwave, wall clock and more

Washington Post unveiled some 70 new devices and capabilities for its Alexa product line at its Seattle headquarters Thursday. Like a rebooted Sharper Image catalogue, Amazon is adding its talking artificial intelligence to a microwave, a wall clock, a wall plug, cars and more. The question is: Will families see these connected devices as conveniences, new complications -- or spies? The upside for consumers is that connected appliances can work together and be simpler to operate via voice. For example, Amazon's new Echo wall clock ($30) shows a visual representation of timers set via Alexa -- and automatically updates its analog hands for daylight saving time.

Amazon just revealed its plan for total smart home domination


In case there was still any doubt about Amazon's vision for the smart home, the company just made its intentions clear: it wants to dominate every aspect of your house. The company revealed a dozen new Alexa-powered gadgets on Thursday, including redesigned Echo speakers, a new subwoofer and amplifier, a wall clock, and, yes, a microwave. Of these, the $59.99 microwave (officially called the AmazonBasics Microwave) attracted much of the attention because, well, it's pretty damn random, right? But while some wondered about the usefulness of having Alexa inside your microwave, it also offers the clearest look at how Amazon plans to put Alexa on every surface it possibly can. Is it actually faster than just pushing a few buttons?

From a microwave to a clock, Amazon is taking Alexa beyond speakers


Jefferson Graham previews new products introduced by Amazon, including a talking microwave and clock on Talking Tech. In announcing 70 new products, the tech and delivery giant made clear it will bring Alexa to new gadgets ranging from cars to clocks and even microwaves. Here are some of the more unexpected devices Amazon announced. AmazonBasics' smart Microwave has a button to connect with a nearby Echo. At $59.99, the new microwave under the company's AmazonBasics brand is a potentially cheaper option compared with traditional, nonsmart enabled appliances.

Skype is coming to Alexa devices, bringing another Microsoft service to Amazon's hardware


Last year, we concluded that Microsoft's only competitive advantage in the deal that saw Cortana coming to Alexa, and vice versa, was Skype. Now, Microsoft has said that it will offer Skype to Alexa devices, too. Later this year, according to Microsoft, Alexa-powered devices will be able to tap into Skype to place Skype audio and video calls to other devices, accept calls, and even place calls via Skype to landline and cellular phones. Microsoft called this the next step in the collaboration between the two companies, which included the original partnership, as well as the first implementations of the Cortana skill on Alexa devices, and the ability to use Alexa on Windows in August. Alexa can now be used on the Xbox, as well.

Amazon's Alexa knows what you forgot and can guess what you're thinking

The Guardian

Amazon says its AI voice assistant Alexa can now guess what you might be thinking of – or what you've forgotten. At an event in Seattle on Thursday, the technology company unveiled a new feature called Alexa Hunches that aims to replicate human curiosity and insight using artificial intelligence. "We've reached a point with deep neural networks and machine learning that we can actually program intuition," said Daniel Rausch, the vice-president in charge of Alexa's smart home features. Once it is activated later this year, Alexa Hunches will observe its owners' interactions with connected smart home devices like locks, lights and electricity outlets. When Alexa believes it has detected a regular pattern, such as turning off a television set before bed, the voice assistant will remind owners if they forget to do it, and offer to fix the problem.

The role of artificial intelligence in the E-commerce sector and its scope in future


The landscape of business and shopping is changing! This evolution has been brought about by the onset of e-commerce and advanced artificial intelligence capabilities in hyper-targeting each customer, individually. Starting off as an abstract concept in sci-fi movies, Artificial Intelligence has been consistently making in-roads to our lives. Our fixation with Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortona or Amazon's Alexa is only a small example of AI's proliferation in our everyday lives. In the e-commerce ecosystem, Artificial Intelligence, especially machine learning and natural language processing has slowly paved he way for brilliantly segmented and targeted marketing.

Skype calling coming to Amazon Alexa devices later this year


In what Microsoft officials are calling "the next step in the collaboration between Microsoft and Amazon," Skype calling support is coming to Alexa devices starting later this year. Microsoft and Amazon announced the latest piece of their year-plus-old partnership on September 20, 2018, the day Amazon unveiled a bevy of new connected devices. Alexa users will be able to make outgoing Skype voice and video calls, accept incoming Skype calls and make SkypeOut calls to most phone numbers around the world, according to MIcrosoft officials. Users will be able to say "Alexa, call Jimmy on Skype," or to say "Alexa, answer" when a Skype call comes in. "Amazon, Skype, and Microsoft have had a collaborative relationship to bring customers new experiences such as Skype and Bing on Fire tablets, Alexa on Xbox, as well as integrating Alexa and Cortana.

Amazon's slew of new Echo, Alexa devices obscures new developer tools, features


Amazon launched more than 70 new products -- new Echo Auto, Echo Show, Echo Dot, Fire TV Recast and even a wall clock -- as it continues to put Alexa everywhere. Amazon got to this point in the smart assistant race by winning the developer ground war and adding features at a pace that rhymes with Amazon Web Services. Now by the numbers Amazon didn't have a new application programming interface or Alexa feature for every new device, but it felt like it did as David Limp, head of Amazon's device unit, rifled through product updates and demos. Locks, clocks, microwaves and a bunch of other items will soon have Alexa. Limp said Amazon is making Alexa more "conversational" and less "transactional."

Meet Amazon's new Echo devices and Alexa hardware: Prices, features, release dates


At a surprise event in Seattle, Amazon announced updates to a few Echo-branded devices and unveiled what seems like a dozen entirely new Alexa products. From a new microwave to a wall clock (not joking), Amazon introduced basically everything but the kitchen sink during its event. Almost all these new devices come with built-in Alexa voice control, or they are designed to work with both existing and new Echo products. We've delved into all the details and have rounded up what matters most: Prices, features, and release dates. The updates include the voice-controlled Echo Dot, Echo Show, and Echo Plus, all three of which now come with sound improvements, though the new Echo Dot also comes with a redesign.