Supercharging the Indian healthcare industry with Artificial Intelligence : Ashu Kajekar - ET HealthWorld


AI technology can bring down the drug discovery cost by analyzing huge data points in a fraction of the time as compared to humans.By Ashu Kajekar, CEO, 7EDGE Internet Imagine a doctor who can predict a patient's illnesses in advance and prescribe preventive medication in the blink of an eye. Or a computer in a research facility, that ingests and analyzes complex drug chemistries using deep learning algorithms to discover new medications. For that matter, an integrated neural network in an eye hospital that scrapes patient data for signs of eye diseases. Or even better, imagine a chat bot app in your smartphone asking you if you still have the stomach ache from yesterday and if you would like to consult a doctor on a particular day. While all may seem far-fetched, this vision of healthcare is not too far off.

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