AI Weekly: NeurIPS proves machine learning at scale is hard


The world's largest AI research conference is underway in Vancouver, Canada. Researchers are presenting more than 1,400 papers at the Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) conference, ranging from work that organizers believe has had the greatest impact over the past decade to Yoshua Bengio's continued march toward consciousness for deep learning. But even as the conference showed theoretical research and neuroscience-related papers on the rise alongside categories like algorithms and deep learning, the mushrooming of the event itself -- and the associated growing pains -- was a constant theme, and it speaks to the growth of the AI field in general. Organizers said that at the start of the conference Sunday, they expected about 400 people to show up for registration. All told, NeurIPS 2019 welcomed 13,000 attendees, up 40% from the prior year.

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