Europe's AI Act falls far short on protecting fundamental rights, civil society groups warn – TechCrunch


Civil society has been poring over the detail of the European Commission's proposal for a risk-based framework for regulating applications of artificial intelligence which was proposed by the EU's executive back in April. The verdict of over a hundred civil society organizations is that the draft legislation falls far short of protecting fundamental rights from AI-fuelled harms like scaled discrimination and blackbox bias -- and they've published a call for major revisions. "We specifically recognise that AI systems exacerbate structural imbalances of power, with harms often falling on the most marginalised in society. As such, this collective statement sets out the call of 11[5] civil society organisations towards an Artificial Intelligence Act that foregrounds fundamental rights," they write, going on to identify nine "goals" (each with a variety of suggested revisions) in the full statement of recommendations. The Commission, which drafted the legislation, billed the AI regulation as a framework for "trustworthy", "human-centric" artificial intelligence.

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