Wikidated 1.0: An Evolving Knowledge Graph Dataset of Wikidata's Revision History

Schmelzeisen, Lukas, Dima, Corina, Staab, Steffen Artificial Intelligence 

Wikidata is the largest general-interest knowledge base that is openly available. It is collaboratively edited by thousands of volunteer editors and has thus evolved considerably since its inception in 2012. In this paper, we present Wikidated 1.0, a dataset of Wikidata's full revision history, which encodes changes between Wikidata revisions as sets of deletions and additions of RDF triples. To the best of our knowledge, it constitutes the first large dataset of an evolving knowledge graph, a recently emerging research subject in the Semantic Web community. We introduce the methodology for generating Wikidated 1.0 from dumps of Wikidata, discuss its implementation and limitations, and present statistical characteristics of the dataset.