What is Event Knowledge Graph: A Survey

Guan, Saiping, Cheng, Xueqi, Bai, Long, Zhang, Fujun, Li, Zixuan, Zeng, Yutao, Jin, Xiaolong, Guo, Jiafeng

arXiv.org Artificial Intelligence 

Besides entity-centric knowledge, usually organized as Knowledge Graph (KG), events are also an essential kind of knowledge in the world, which trigger the spring up of event-centric knowledge representation form like Event KG (EKG). It plays an increasingly important role in many machine learning and artificial intelligence applications, such as intelligent search, question-answering, recommendation, and text generation. This paper provides a comprehensive survey of EKG from history, ontology, instance, and application views. Specifically, to characterize EKG thoroughly, we focus on its history, definitions, schema induction, acquisition, related representative graphs/systems, and applications. The development processes and trends are studied therein. We further summarize perspective directions to facilitate future research on EKG.

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