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Google's supremacy from information retrieval


TITOLO: Google's supremacy from information retrieval, passing through Natural Language Modeling, to quantum computing ABSTRACT: The current era of data is dominated by a few big players. Among them, Google is playing the role of a significant technological innovator. Its story started from Information Retrieval algorithms is evolving in many fields of research, including natural language processing, user modeling, and quantum computers. The talk will discuss some of the algorithms proposed by google as state of the art in the last years for performing innovative tasks in machine learning, NLP, and more from a research point of view applied in everyday tasks. RELATORE: Marco Polignano BIO RELATORE: Marco Polignano is a PostDoc Research Fellow at the Department of Computer Science, University of Bari Aldo Moro, Italy, in the SWAP (Semantic Web Access and Personalization) research group.

Google Provides New Information on Latest Video Structured Data Features - Search Engine Journal


Google has updated its video structured data help document with new information on some of the latest enhancements to video search results. The updated document has details on how to mark timestamps on YouTube videos, how to monitor performance in Search Console, and more screenshots to show the new structured data types in action. The Google video structured data doc got a big refresh – More screenshots! Here's a rundown of the new information that was added. Google may display timestamps alongside YouTube videos in search results which help searchers jump directly to a specific part of the video.

Google Search Console to Report on Data Related to Product Rich Results - Search Engine Journal


Google is adding new data to Search Console giving retailers insight into the performance of product rich results in Google Search. The data can be found in a new Search Appearance in the Search Console performance report, which captures stats such as total clicks, impressions, average click-through rate, and average position. Websites that are eligible to appear in Google's product search results will find a new Search Appearance type called "Product results." "Website owners need to understand the impact of these rich results. The Google Search Console Performance report provides key metrics like clicks and impressions to help webmasters understand and optimize the performance of their website results on Google Search. These metrics can further be segmented by device, geography and queries."

Meghan Markle crowned most powerful dresser of 2019 by fashion search engine

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Everything you need to know about Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle and her new life as part of the British royal family. There's something about that "Markle sparkle" that has the world transfixed, seeing as Meghan Markle has now been named the world's "most powerful dresser" in a 2019 report from Lyst, a fashion search engine. It was a big year for the Duchess of Sussex, who stylishly seized the spotlight at dozens of public appearances and royal tours, and even when introducing the world to baby Archie -- and according to Lyst, shoppers took notice. There's something about that "Markle sparkle" that has the world transfixed, as Meghan Markle has been named the world's most powerful dresser of 2019. According to Lyst's annual Year in Fashion roundup, each of the Duchess' numerous fashion statements sparked a 216-percent average increase in search for similar items.

Facebook Can Now Deliver Ads That Are Dynamically Tailored to Each User - Search Engine Journal


Facebook is rolling out new advertising features that use machine learning to dynamically customize ads for individual users. This gives advertisers the ability to serve personalized ads when they may otherwise lack the time and resources required to deliver personally relevant ad experiences. "Facebook machine learning combines data and signals from our platform, with insights you share, in order to make predictions for who the right people are for a given message. As people take different actions on and off Facebook, it creates intent signals that help us deliver a more tailored ad experience. We do this for both Organic and Paid content."

Building a Deep Image Search Engine using tf.Keras


Imagine having a data collection of hundreds of thousands to millions of images without any metadata describing the content of each image. How can we build a system that is able to find a sub-set of those images that best answer a user's search query? What we will basically need is a search engine that is able to rank image results given how well they correspond to the search query, which can be either expressed in a natural language or by another query image. The way we will solve the problem in this post is by training a deep neural model that learns a fixed length representation (or embedding) of any input image and text and makes it so those representations are close in the euclidean space if the pairs text-image or image-image are "similar". I could not find a data-set of search result ranking that is big enough but I was able to get this data-set:

Recovery From November 2019 Google Update - Search Engine Journal


You know how Google says you can't "fix" your way back to position one? That seems unhelpful but it's actually useful. It helps one understand what not to waste time on. In my opinion, based on my experience, once you know what not to focus on, it will help you understand more productive areas to focus on. According to Google, fixing things won't help you recover.

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Link Building is a part of Search Engine Optimisation and is usually referred to as Off-Page. Unlike, On-Page – Link building is an ongoing process. For the sake of not getting into a debate, I will call "on-page" - a onetime process). Link Building starts as soon as you finish on-page work on the website. In layman's language - Link building is a method to get references from other websites to your website.

Bing Announces Link Penalties - Search Engine Journal


Bing announced a new link penalties. These link penalties are focused on taking down private blog networks (PBNs), subdomain leasing and manipulative cross-site linking. An inorganic site structure is a linking pattern that uses internal site-level link signals (with subdomains) or cross-site linking patterns (with external domains) in order to manipulate search engine rankings. While these spam techniques already existed, Bing introduced the concept of calling them "inorganic site structure" in order to describe them. Bing noted that sites legitimately create subdomains to keep different parts of the site separate, such as

Pinterest Launches a Refresh of Its Mobile App - Search Engine Journal


Pinterest has updated the look of its app for iOS and Android with a renewed focus on personalized recommendations and a more efficient use of space. The most obvious change when opening the app after the update is the reduced space around pins. Pinterest is cramming the home feed with as much content as it can while still keeping things aesthetically pleasing. The next-most obvious change is the carousel of personal recommendations at the top of the home feed. You can scroll through and tap on one of the topics of interest to open up a dedicated feed.