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Lion opens first kids' cinema in Thailand to boost brand recognition

The Japan Times

BANGKOK – Household product maker Lion Corp. has opened the first movie theater for children in Thailand, in collaboration with the largest local cinema complex operator, naming it after Lion's own "Kodomo" brand for kids' products to boost name recognition. Lion recently launched Kodomo Kids Cinema with Major Cineplex Group Public Co. at Mega Bangna Shopping Mall in Bangna, in the east of Bangkok, aiming to attract children aged 5 to 12 along with their parents, according to the Japanese company. The cinema offers 84 candy-colored seats, ranging in type from single seats to double sofa-beds, and also houses entertainment facilities such as a long slide and an indoor playground. Ticket prices are between 200 baht and 500 baht ($6.20-$15.50). The cinema, located in a district with 31 international and elementary schools, is scheduled to show 20 movies this year -- including one featuring Doraemon, the robotic cat from Japan's popular cartoon series -- while various events like fashion shows and drawing workshops are held, according to the local partner.

H&M Pivots to Big Data to Spot Next Fast-Fashion Trends

WSJ.com: WSJD - Technology

The 71-year-old fast-fashion chain is aiming to arrest a slump in same-store sales that has lasted 10 straight quarters as it faces problems bedeviling the industry: A spike in online shopping has led to fewer customers visiting stores, and digital startups are putting up fierce competition. H&M has repeatedly slashed prices to clear out $4 billion of unsold goods, and its shares are down 56% in the past three years. H&M, like most retailers, relies on a team of designers to figure out what shoppers want to buy. Now, it's using algorithms to analyze store receipts, returns and loyalty-card data to better align supply and demand, with the goal of reducing markdowns. As a result, some stores have started carrying more fashion and fewer basics such as T-shirts and leggings.

Artificial Intelligence Could Help Generate the Next Big Fashion Trends


A fashion designer working on a new collection has an idea, but wonders if it's been done before. Another is looking for historical inspiration--1950s-style wasp waists or 80s-era padded shoulders. The suite of AI tools IBM is developing for the fashion industry can take a photo of a dress or a shirt and search for similar garments. It can search for images with specific elements--Mandarin collars, for example, or gladiator laces, or fleur-de-lis prints. It can also design patterns itself, based on any image data set a user inputs--architectural images, amoebas, sunsets.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact The Future Of Fashion


Sophie Hackford spends her time meeting rebel thinkers in remote labs and creative spaces around the globe. To find out the technologies that are shaping the future. If the world is becoming a computer, how can the fashion industry use machines to its advantage, or rather, work with them as virtual teammates? "We are being observed and categorised by Artificial Intelligence in parts of our lives that weren't previously watched," Hackford begins. "As this great data generator gets closer to us, the only thing that will change is who owns the data and what control we have over it."

SXSW Recap: Four AI Themes for Luxury, Fashion and Beauty - Fashion Innovation Alliance


On Day 1 of SXSW, the Fashion Innovation Alliance joined experts from L'Oréal, Heuritech and by REVEAL for a panel on AI for luxury, fashion and beauty--a topic that proved so popular SXSW had to turn people away as the room reached capacity well before the 11 A.M. panel began. The session represented the diversity of tech, fashion and beauty in terms of race, gender, geography and areas of expertise. Panelists traveled from Paris, New York, San Francisco and Washington, DC--all with varied backgrounds in the science of beauty, fashion, retail, machine learning and law. The session also included two female founders in tech--Megan Berry of by REVEAL and attorney and fashion tech strategist Kenya Wiley. The panelists' expertise and representation showed the value of diversity when developing innovative products for luxury, fashion and beauty.

Commentary: AI's Next Victim: Your Closet


In 1995's Clueless, you may recall Cher Horowitz using cutting-edge software to select her plaid ensemble. Cher's machine could identify chic head-to-toe looks, adding a small dose of sci-fi to the romcom classic. Twenty-two years later, the 90s fiction movie is closer than ever to reality: Artificial intelligence in fashion is here, but it's still unclear what its role is meant to be. As a form of personal expression, fashion may seem like a strange target for AI disruption. Regardless, machine learning is taking on a variety of fashion-related roles.

MFW: Dolce and Gabbana chiefs use drones to carry bags

Daily Mail

The Dolce and Gabbana fashion show in Milan has delighted attendees by using drones to fly handbags down the catwalk. Guests were reportedly kept waiting 45 minutes - after organisers had to ensure everyone turned off their Wi-Fi - while being kept in the dark about the upcoming demonstration. The drones' appearance was accompanied by a Kendrick Lamar song - 'All The Stars' - while men and women wearing white lab coats walked alongside the aircraft with remote controls. But after the exhibition of nifty technology, old-fashioned human models were brought out to show off D&G's latest clothes. The drones' appearance was accompanied by a Kendrick Lamar song - 'All The Stars' - while men and women wearing white lab coats walked alongside the aircraft with remote controls But after the exhibition of nifty technology, old-fashioned human models were brought out to show off D&G's latest clothes Drones carry handbags at the autumn/winter 2018 women's collection show during Milan Fashion Week in Milan The comments below have not been moderated.

The future of getting dressed: AI, VR and smart fabrics


Technology has evolved a lot since then, but closets have been largely untouched by innovation. Now, that's starting to change. "If algorithms do their job well, people will spend less time thinking about what to wear," said Ranjitha Kumar, an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Scie...

New York Fashion Week: Runways, robots and Ralph Lauren

BBC News

New York Fashion Week is drawing to a close after another season of rows, runways and, err, robots.

Designer Nicole Miller Turns to Artificial Intelligence For NYFW


Playing spot the tech at NYFW this season, we have come across some news, RevelGlam is working together with Nicole Miller, a designer known for her irreverent style of clothing. Working with the tech company the design label is going to be piloting RevelGlam's fashion tech software which has the power to predict the next wave of fashion trends.