'Homecoming' Discussion: We Need to Talk About That Ending


Before it was even released, Homecoming was notable for many reasons. For one, it was the new project from Mr. Robot mastermind Sam Esmail. For another, it marked Julia Roberts' first turn leading an episodic television show. And finally, the Amazon original series was one of Hollywood's first big bets on adapting podcasts for the screen. Sam Esmail's Homecoming Is Nothing Like Mr. Robot Where Is Hollywood Looking for Its Next Hit?

Artificial Intelligence Paving a Way for Mental Health Analytics Insight


At least one in every five adults are affected by mental difficulties in the United States. On a global level, the number is much bigger, with alone in Europe, almost 83 million people are suffering from mental health issues. However, where there is a problem, technology always has a solution. How about productively using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve this issue? This might sound surprising to many but, AI is already being used to treat mental health issues or even examine your voice for any evidence of depression.

Google's new job-hunting tools help veterans search for more fitting civilian work


Google Assistant wants to make the world a little bit brighter with its newest feature. Tony Spitz has the details. Google has some new job search tools for military veterans that make it easier for them to find civilian jobs fitting the skills they had in the military. Google has some new job search tools, especially for military veterans and their families who are looking for work. The new features, available now, let military service members and their families search "Jobs for Veterans" and then enter specific military job codes (MOS, AFSC, NEC, etc.) to find civilian jobs with skills similar to those they used in the military.

Artificial Intelligence May Help Match Veterans with Civilian Jobs


One of the problems military veterans have long faced is matching their skills learned in the armed forces to the needs of civilian employers, an issue Congress continues to grapple with in the fiscal 2019 spending bills. Many military jobs translate perfectly into the civilian sector -- repairing an Abrams tank is much like repairing any heavy piece of machinery, for example -- but many combat and leadership skills do not, on the surface, directly transfer. The Department of Veterans Affairs' Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program is at the forefront of helping veterans find the right job after military service. The program's counselors help assess capabilities of veterans and help men and women veterans find the right job. But the VR&E program, as it is known, is often short of counselors and funding.

Meet the Chatbots Providing Mental Health Care WSJD - Technology

"Half an hour on a good night," I write back. "What do you do to calm down or relax?" "I watch crappy tv or read." "If you need more ideas, try reading a relaxing novel, meditating, or taking a soothing bath," Sara replies. Her responses are encouraging and empathetic--if occasionally robotic. That's because Sara is not a person.

How the VA is Using AI to Target Cancer


When Tam Mai Huynh found out in 2016 that the source of his nagging cough was lung cancer, it came as a shock. A recently retired Army Special Forces veteran and married father of two young children, Huynh never had smoked. Nor did he have a family history of cancer. Nevertheless, the disease had spread to Huynh's spine, lymph nodes, and brain. He began chemotherapy, driving two hours every two to three weeks from his home to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital in Durham, North Carolina.

Why Do Some Companies Have Humans Pretending to be Bots?


Artificial intelligence has become such a catchy selling point for online services that some companies have turned to a bit of sleight of hand -- and voice -- to convince people they have smart machines working for them. Several companies have employed humans to impersonate chatbots performing scheduling and other services. A prototype for Facebook's AI assistant for Messenger, called M, had people behind the curtain calling M's shots for two and a half years before taking humans out of the equation in January. Amazon's Mechanical Turk reportedly used people to transcribe some expense and benefits documents Amazon's touted SmartScan software was supposed to be doing but couldn't handle. To anyone who has dreaded the labyrinthine house of mirrors automated call systems have become, it might seem odd companies want to pretend to have a machine on the other end of the line rather than a human, but there are several factors at play.

VA reenlists IBM's Watson in fight against cancer

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File photo - Attendees gather at an IBM Watson event in lower Manhattan, New York Jan. 9, 2014. Two years ago, oncologists with the US Department of Veterans Affairs started using IBM Watson artificial intelligence to identify targeted treatment options for cancer patients. Now, they will be able to continue that work for at least another year. The VA and IBM Watson Health today announced an extension of their partnership through at least June 2019. Working out of a precision oncology "hub" in Durham, N.C., a small group of VA oncologists and pathologists receive tumor samples from patients around the country.

IBM Watson Health extends partnership with US to help vets with cancer


IBM on Thursday said it's extending its partnership with the US Department of Veterans Affairs to apply artificial intelligence to cancer treatments for veterans. The VA and IBM Watson Health first partnered to help cancer patients in 2016, as part of then-Vice President Joe Biden's cancer moonshot initiative. The partnership uses the Watson cognitive computing platform to help the VA's precision oncology department deliver individualized treatment plans. So far, the VA has used IBM Watson to help more than 2,700 veterans with cancer. To prepare an individualized treatment plan, teams of scientists and clinicians must sequence a patient's DNA to pinpoint the likely cancer-causing mutations and determine what treatments would target those specific mutations.