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Data Careers -- Explained


Originally published on Towards AI the World's Leading AI and Technology News and Media Company. If you are building an AI-related product or service, we invite you to consider becoming an AI sponsor. At Towards AI, we help scale AI and technology startups. Let us help you unleash your technology to the masses. I recently applied for jobs in the Data Science space, and while the titles and descriptions were different, the skillsets and responsibilities were the same.

10 Key Roles For AI Success - AI Summary


"This person is tasked with packing the ML model into a container and deploying to production -- usually as a microservice," says Dattaraj Rao, innovation and R&D architect at technology services company Persistent Systems. The role requires expert back-end programming and server configuration skills, as well as knowledge of containers and continuous integration and delivery deployment, Rao says. They are crucial to AI initiatives because data needs to be both collected and made suitable for consumption before anything trustworthy can be done with it, says Erik Gfesser, director and chief architect at Deloitte. This person is an authority in their domain, can judge the quality of available data, and can communicate with the intended business users of an AI project to make sure it has real-world value. When Babych's company developed a computer-vision system to identify moving objects for autopilots as an alternative to LIDAR, they started the project without a domain expert.

Cybersecurity Concepts, Types, and Jobs


Cybersecurity is the overall activity of protecting computers, networks, and data from malicious electronic attacks. It is an activity that compares to physical security, a more traditional security activity that controls access to buildings or other objects in the real world. While many high-tech physical security vendors have a combination of physical and cybersecurity in their org charts, cybersecurity is an activity that focuses on protecting assets from malicious logins and code, not on property intrusion or theft. Cybersecurity is a broad concept that encompasses several specific fields of activity. There are many classification methods. For example, there is Kaspersky Lab's classification system, and Mindcore has such a system.

Enterprise architects take charge of the digital revolution


Joe McKendrick is an author and independent analyst who tracks the impact of information technology on management and markets. As an independent analyst, he has authored numerous research reports in partnership with Forbes Insights, IDC, and Unisphere Research, a division of Information Today, Inc. Enterprise architects have been adding a new designation to their titles: digital enterprise architect. That's because their roles have been expanding over the past few years, particularly with data analytics being added to their repertoires. That's the word from Thomas Erl, CEO of Arcitura Education, which provides technology skills training to thousands of professionals across the globe, and co-author of A Field Guide to Digital Transformation. "It's a new era for enterprise architects," he says.

Metaverse: 'Train your robots in the virtual world' (CXOTalk interview)


Michael Krigsman is an industry analyst and the host of CxOTalk, which tells stories of innovation and opportunity with the world's top business and technology leaders. He is a frequent speaker and panel moderator at technology conferences and advises the most successful enterprise companies on marketing and communications strategy. With so much hype around the metaverse, I decided it was time to ask one of the world's experts to explain the concept and separate fact from fiction. With that in mind, I invited Michael Kagan, Chief Technology Officer of Nvidia, as my guest on episode 750 of the CXOTalk series of conversations on leadership, technology, and managing change. As Nvidia's CTO, Michael coordinates technology architecture across the company, including the Omniverse, their collaboration platform for creating virtual worlds. To me, the most fascinating parts of the discussion centered on two areas: his explanation of the metaverse (or Omniverse, to use the Nvidia term) and his view of data centers as the core unit of modern computing.

Can I Design My Own House Without An Architect?


Continuing the trend in AI creation, we can now design our own homes without the help of a human architect. You can find several ways available for you to design your dream home with AI assistance. The new method also allows you to create an interior visualization from scratch using only words. Try a basic demo today. How would you describe your dream home?

Mindtree co-founder's new venture bets big on AI for enterprise efficiency


Mindtree co-founder and former CEO of Birlasoft and Sasken, Anjan Lahiri says his latest venture Navikenz is focused on helping enterprises discover and implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled solutions to improve business processes. The technology industry veteran said that while Navikenz which was launched during the onset of the first Covid wave and thus flew under the radar for some time, has now been able to scale by engaging with Fortune 500 customers to determine what Artificial Intelligence can do for them, utilizing its Business Process Consulting, Enterprise Architecture, Cloud and Data Science capabilities. The company says both in life sciences and discrete manufacturing sectors it has bagged several large clients. "Navikenz has pioneered a differentiated approach to AI-solutioning. By taking learnings from Kaizen and TQM frameworks, we have formulated a proprietary framework. Services within the framework are designed to speed up organizational capabilities in AI-service generation and fulfilment, creating a pipeline of business generated use-case within a matter of weeks. Big and small enterprises need to leverage AI for enhancing better efficiencies in their process and we enable that to happen," Lahiri said.

AWS Data Architect


Do you want the opportunity to leverage your skills to make a direct impact on the world's leading life sciences, consumer products, and retail companies? Join Clarkston Consulting as an AWS Data Architect to help deliver creative business solutions to our market-leading clients as a part of our team of experienced professionals. We are looking for motivated, self-driven leaders who are energized by team results and interested in joining a firm that values its culture and people as its biggest strengths. Together, we can help find the answers to our clients most challenging business problems. Clarkston gives you the opportunity to deliver great solutions, become recognized as an industry expert, and help build a great practice.

Imagine Owning A Word


One of the major hurdles to growth in the artificial intelligence industry, especially as it pertains to natural language, is the training of and collection of AI datasets. Data scientists have a difficult time getting machines to make accurate and meaningful connections among collected datasets; both the work and the products are worth lots of money. Unfortunately, throughout AI's brief history, only a small and select group of people have been able to profit off of this incredible technology, as the barrier to entry and learning curve is steep and expensive. Synesis One DAO will revolutionize both blockchain use cases and data science markets through their innovative approach to the collection of and training of AI data. Synesis One is a cutting-edge new ecosystem built on the Solana Blockchain designed to make participation in the data market accessible to common people, and not just data scientists and big business owners.

Glassdoor's 12 'Best Jobs' In US For 2022 All Pay Over $100,000

International Business Times

Of Glassdoor's top 50 Best Jobs in the U.S. for 2022, which were released on Wednesday, the top 12 paid a median base salary over $100,000. Those top 12 jobs were primarily in tech and coding industries, with some outliers. When Glassdoor released its Best Places to Work list for 2022, they listed many tech companies at the top because of "flexible work environments, consistent support throughout the pandemic, and a focus on better pay, benefits, and work-life balance." Enterprise Architect was listed as the best job in the U.S. because it strikes the best balance between salary, job openings, and job satisfaction based on Glassdoor ratings. The job search site also noted key skills needed to land those tech jobs that landed in the top 50 including Machine Learning, Distributed Computing, Times Series Analysis, Statistical Modeling, and Usability Testing.