Amazon is working on a messaging app called Anytime

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The service will rival social networks by allowing users to message, share videos and photos, apply @mention tags and filters. The new service looks like Amazon's latest attempt to try and compete with social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Amazon is working on an all-in-one feature-rich service that would allow users to message, do video and photo sharing, apply @mention tags and filters, according to a new report. According to the report by AFTV news, the app will allow people to do things in groups, such as play games, listen to music together and order food. In May Amazon's Echo allowed users to place and receive calls and messages from one Alexa-enabled device to another using voice commands In February the Seattle-based firm released a video conferencing app called Amazon Chime.

Freshdesk owner Freshworks acquires Joe Hukum as it plans a move into chatbots


After raising $55 million last year to build its business beyond its existing help desk services, today Freshworks (the parent company of Freshdesk) has made an acquisition to help it fill out that strategy. Specifically, Jo Hukum's knowledge tree coding has been built to automates sales, service and support workflows, and so the team from the startup -- led by co-founders Arihant Jain, Ajeet Kushwaha and Rahul Agarwal -- will be building bots on top of existing Freshworks products. The deal underscores the continuing interest in chatbots that we're seeing from the world of customer support: companies are looking for more efficient and less expensive ways to provide basic information and help to their customers, and many have their sights set on chatbots as a viable solution, notwithstanding that a lot of of what is being built right now still in its very early stages. "As customer preferences shift from traditional phone tree based call center support, chatbots offer a new support experience, while essentially solving for the age old challenge of triaging customer inquiries and routing that to the right support agent.

3 Vendor Created Barriers To Ai Adoption


According to Jim Hare, research vice president at Stamford, Conn.-based Gartner, the push to build and market AI products has been so intense that many vendors have forgotten to do a basic analysis of enterprise needs and use-case scenarios. On July 10, it announced the creation of a new initiative aimed at making AI accessible to workers called PAIR (People AI Research). This follows wide-ranging job cuts at IBM's Global Technology Services division last year, which the company said was the first step in a strategy shift that would redirect IBM towards cloud computing and AI operations, in much the same way Microsoft did a couple of weeks ago. According to Gartner's 2017 AI development strategies survey, more than half of the enterprises survey cited this as a major problem for AI adoption.

Turbocharge productivity and efficiency with AI - Watson


Making search more intelligent Some companies have struggled to provide search platforms that can access information across multiple databases, documentation formats, fragmented customer histories, and extensive product catalogs. AI-enabled search platforms have the ability to interpret data in a variety of formats across a company's varied data repositories--including unstructured documents like PDF files, emails, and industry-specific formats such as engineering specs and drawings. Instead of bothering specialists over and over again, an organization can deploy AI technologies that allow employees to ask questions in natural language and get suggested answers back from comprehensive repositories of institutional knowledge. You can learn more about how AI systems are being used to augment organizational expertise, improve workflow and response times, and provide predictive insights.

AI to engulf all new software products by 2020: Gartner


Market hype and growing interest in artificial intelligence (AI) are forcing established software vendors to introduce AI into their product strategy, creating considerable confusion in the process, according to Gartner. While there is a widely held fear that AI will replace humans, the reality is that today's AI and machine learning technologies can and do greatly augment human capabilities. Similar to greenwashing, in which companies exaggerate the environmental-friendliness of their products or practices for business benefit, many technology vendors are now "AI washing" by applying the AI label a little too indiscriminately, according to Gartner. To build trust with end-user organisations vendors should focus on building a collection of case studies with quantifiable results achieved using AI.

AI and You Deloitte


Leaders of financial services institutions are concerned and excited about the business implications of Artificial Intelligence. Firms across the globe are becoming aware of the power of these technologies and are now starting to explore how AI could enable them to introduce new services to market, widening and empowering their offering, and to improve existing business and operational capabilities. In this paper, based on an EMEA FSI survey conducted jointly by Efma and Deloitte, we aim at inspect the industry sentiment about Artificial Intelligence and explore the possible and current applications that may impact the industry, enhancing its productivity. Using the insights and case studies from several firms within the industry, this paper identifies what is shaping AI thinking in Financial Institutions, the current state of the industry and the actions that will be required to understand and exploit this exponential technology.

Machines just want to keep learning blog


That means that a repeatable process, for people and data, needs to be in place for an enterprise to benefit from machine learning. When companies begin using machine learning, they give computers samples of past customer activity and task the machines with finding certain patterns. Groups of people gather the data, but these people may not be used to working together. But this human (and business) process friction is easier to smooth out if the repeatable data gathering and machine learning processes are resolved sooner.

Flipboard on Flipboard


Given enough time and data, deep learning models can make sense of virtually any unstructured data set. Now, thanks to the 2.5 quintillion bytes produced per day -- much of it publicly available via Google and YouTube -- and massive improvements in cloud computing technology, deep learning isn't just viable -- it's inevitable, and it's profitable. It uses a four-pronged approach, including data crawling, natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, to help business leaders optimize prospect data and sell more efficiently. Training such a model does takes enormous amounts of data and processing power, but entrepreneurs can get started with Google's Cloud TPU Alpha program.

AI Arrives in Canada: Will Prosperity Follow? EE Times


On July 5, Demis Hassabis, co-founder and CEO, DeepMind announced "the opening of DeepMind's first ever international AI research office in Edmonton, Canada, in close collaboration with the University of Alberta." In addition to contributing on the research and education end DeepMind plans to invest in programs to promote "Edmonton's growth as a technology and research hub." It welcomes the DeepMind move as yet another advance toward AI research in the country, which is the goal set by "the federal government's Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy." However, such systems tend to eliminate the need for humans on the jobs rather than increase employment opportunities, and new jobs don't magically open up when old ones are filled by machines.

Chatbot vs Traditional Service Apps – Chatbot's Life


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