The smart bracelet that tracks your blood pressure

Daily Mail - Science & tech 

Mike Kisch, Aktiia CEO, told MailOnline that having constant blood pressure measurements in all settings was a'game changer' for doctors and patients That will be for doctors, allowing them to remotely gauge the progress of patients, even see what time of day medication should be taken. 'Right now, after they do the initial diagnosis and prescribe medication, they don't get a lot of data from the patient, so the likelihood that the first time it will work is low, so now they get ongoing data to see if they need to modify treatment. 'That is a game changer for the physician,' explains Mr Kisch. Data gathered by this device is fed into large scale cohort studies, with nine currently running or about to run around the world. One is about the way patient engagement in hypertension management programmes increase when using these products and how a doctors decision making process improves.