At CES 2022, Tech Companies Tried to Pitch Climate Sustainability as Fun and Exciting

TIME - Tech 

Between presentations launching new PC processors and candy-colored refrigerators at last week's CES, companies at the annual tech industry jamboree made a lot of big, flashy proclamations about climate change, some more serious than others, and most seeming to include at least one stock video clip of trees, solar panels and children frolicking in grassy meadows or on pristine beaches. General Motors unveiled a new zero-emission pickup truck and dropped hints about new EV models to come, while Panasonic, which calculated that it released 110 million tons of CO2 per year and accounted for 1% of global electricity consumption, reiterated a pledge to decarbonize its operations by 2030 and promised to make its products more efficient. LG--which has pledged carbon neutrality by 2030, and to use fully renewable power by 2050--rolled out glass-fronted refrigerators (to avoid wasting energy while you look inside) and washing machines that use AI to shorten wash cycles. Samsung, whose CO2 emissions actually rose in 2020, and which has faced controversy over its reliance on coal energy, offered promises like devices that would use less standby power, which some environmentalists criticized as greenwashing. A version of this story first appeared in the Climate is Everything newsletter. To sign up, click here.

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