The coal miner who became a data miner


President Trump has said he will work to bring coal jobs back by removing regulations, but experts say that low natural gas prices, green energy and automation actually pose a greater -- and irreversible -- threat to the industry. At Galvanize, she took part in a 13-week program and learned about natural language processing, recommending systems, Python and data science. Now she's doing a full-time paid data science residency at Galvanize, helping teach new students, while she looks for her next job. Ideally, Evans is looking for a position as a data scientist and Python developer, or data scientist and business analyst.

Elon Musk has a trick to make the world fall behind his vision of the future


"By selling us fancy, beautiful Teslas--luxury cars that none of us can say no to, it seems to have changed to distributed energy," Lee, the CEO of Sinovation Ventures, told Quartz in an interview today. As Tesla CEO, Musk has acquired the solar energy startup SolarCity that he previously helped lead as chairman, then he began sharing a vision where a battery in the home stores energy from the sun (preferably using SolarCity's new solar panels). That same strategy is now being applied to neural implants, Musk's dream of creating a seamless interface between humans and computers. After that, Musk has been clear about his desire for elective neural implants, especially to curb his fear of superintelligent artificial intelligence.

Mining the moon could give us rocket fuel to get to Mars

Daily Mail

A second rover, the Constructor, would follow along behind, building a launch pad and packing down roadways to ease movements for the third rover type, the Miners, which actually collect the ice and deliver it to nearby storage tanks and an electrolysis processing plant that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen. The Constructor would also build a landing pad where the small near-moon transport spacecraft we call Lunar Resupply Shuttles would arrive to collect fuel for delivery as newly launched spacecraft pass by the moon. The fuele depot (artist impression) would have large solar arrays powering an electrolysis module for melting the ice and then turning the water into fuel, and large fuel tanks to store what's made Our plans also require a few small robotic shuttles to meet up with nearby deep-space mission vehicles in lunar orbit.

Farming (r)evolution


In agriculture, the widening use over the next decade of autonomous hybrid or fully electric tractors, robotic machinery and drones could increase farm efficiency and revolutionize how food is produced. International Standards prepared by IEC TC 47: Semiconductor devices, IEC SC 47E: Discrete semiconductor devices, and IEC SC 47F: Microelectromechanical systems, enable manufacturers to build more reliable and efficient sensors and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). IEC TC 69: Electric road vehicles and electric industrial trucks, prepares Standards for motors and motor controllers, onboard electrical energy storage systems, power supplies and chargers. Since energy for many smaller agricultural robotic vehicles is often supplied by batteries, TC 69 liaises closely with IEC TC 21: Secondary cells and batteries, and its SCs, which prepare International Standards for all secondary cells and batteries.

China Edges USA in Artificial Intelligence Research


China has overtaken the United States to become the world leader in deep learning research, a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) inspired by the human brain. Deep learning algorithms are modeled on biological neural networks and enable machines to learn and mimic human-like responses. They're rapidly becoming part of everyday life. Think: smartphone assistants answering your questions, or Amazon recommending products based on your search and purchasing history.

Black Holes And Dark Matter Pictures And Dozens Of Facts About Space And The Solar System [PHOTOS]

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The general rule is that dark matter holds galaxies together and dark energy drives the expansion of the universe. In 100 billion years, as dark energy continues to push galaxies farther and farther away from us, observers living in our soon-to-be galaxy Milkomeda (a result of the merger between Andromeda and the Milky Way) will see nothing in the night sky except for our own galaxy. In addition to the traditional stellar mass blackholes that form from collapsed stars, there are also rogue blackholes, which travel throughout the universe invisible and undetectable to us. To really drive the point home, a single teaspoon of neutron star weighs eight billion tons.

Machine can 3D print an entire house in 14 hours

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The team has designed an autonomous robot capable of 3D printing the basic structure of an entire building. Equipped with a precision-motion robotic arm and powered by solar panels, the machine sprays an insulation foam mold on the ground and then fills it with concrete – it completed the walls of a 50-foot-diameter, 12-foot-high dome in 14 hours. MIT has designed an autonomous robot capable of 3D printing the basic structure of an entire building. To demonstrate the technology, the team constructed the walls of a 50-foot-diameter, 12-foot-high dome in 14 hours of'printing' time The system is capable of creating other complex shapes and overhangs - the team added a built-in bench to the proof of concept to show off the robot's skills.

New Communitech incubator set to tap world of big data


James Slifierz is making the rounds of New York City investors as he prepares to move his startup -- Skywatch -- into the Communitech Data Hub in Waterloo. The federal government's Open Data Exchange will move from the Tannery building in downtown Kitchener into the Data Hub as well. IBM I3, IBM's innovation incubator project, also will be there. Since then, dozens of startups incubated in the Tannery building have moved into offices in and around downtown Kitchener, employing more than 1,000 people.

Artificial intelligence: Outsmart supply dips in renewable energy : Nature : Nature Research


Such a system could process massive volumes of consumption data and adjust power usage almost instantly, giving real-time control over supply and demand. Smart meters that collect household consumption data would enable this process. The efficiency of this process will depend on demand predictions for individual consumers, which involves using large amounts of data to model people's energy constraints and preferences over time. Embedded artificial intelligence will analyse and model these consumption data, enabling the grid response to occur within seconds.

Startup Twenty Two Motors to create smart scooter powered by artificial intelligence


"The smart scooter is powered by artificial intelligence and all information is accessible on our server through a cloud system," said chief executive Kharb. The fully Internet of Things powered scooter, built with a lithium ion battery pack, battery management system and smart electronics, uses artificial intelligence to analyse ride behaviour from various sensors on scooter and enables decisions regarding the optimal route to be taken depending on the elevation and coordinates of the road. The battery management system developed by the company takes into consideration temperature conditions and helps optimise performance and battery life. Twenty Two Motors plans to launch 50,000 scooters in the National Capital Region, Pune and Bengaluru in 2018.