Atlassian acquires Percept.AI – TechCrunch


Atlassian today announced that it has acquired Percept.AI, an AI company from Y Combinator's summer 2017 batch, that offers an automated virtual agent support solution -- a chatbot, basically -- based on a proprietary AI engine for natural language understanding. Atlassian plans to integrate this virtual agent technology into Jira Service Management, its tool for helping IT teams provide better service to employees and customers. Ahead of today's acquisition, Percept had raised a seed round for an undisclosed amount from the likes of Hike Ventures, Builders VC, Cherubic Ventures, Amino Captial, Tribe Capital and Y Combinator, according to Crunchbase. The two companies did not disclose the financial details of today's acquisition. There can be little doubt that Atlassian is investing heavily in Jira Service Management.

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