Rise of AI masks some uncomfortable realities


In the clamour of continual negative news surrounding Brexit, one could be forgiven for thinking that dilemmas around the backstop and border issues are the only game in town concerning Irish business. However, lurking in the shadows, the gathering momentum of artificial intelligence, or AI, represents another multi-faceted development concerning CEOs in the ever-changing landscape of modern business. In a recent PwC survey, almost half of Irish respondents agreed that AI will be the next key gamechanger for business, and will have an impact on the world even greater than that of the internet revolution. While a strong majority believe AI will significantly change the way business is done over the coming five years, fewer than half admitted to having plans to pursue AI initiatives, compared to 77% globally. "Global CEOs are anticipating the AI revolution more so than Irish CEOs", said PwC Ireland's David Lee, adding that the survey suggests business leaders need to invest more in AI to keep up with international competitors and to fully leverage competitive advantage.