Deputy Defense Secretary Outlines Responsible AI Tenets in New Memo


The Joint Artificial Intelligence Center will lead implementation of responsible AI across the Defense Department, according to a new directive. In a departmentwide memo signed last week, Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks enumerated foundational tenets for responsible AI, reaffirmed the ethical AI principles the department adopted last year, and mandated the JAIC director start work on four activities for developing a responsible AI ecosystem. "As the DoD embraces artificial intelligence (AI), it is imperative that we adopt responsible behavior, processes, and outcomes in a manner that reflects the Department's commitment to its ethical principles, including the protection of privacy and civil liberties," Hicks said in the memo, which was announced June 1. "A trusted ecosystem not only enhances our military capabilities, but also builds confidence with end-users, warfighters, and the American public." Hicks assigned the JAIC director to coordinate responsible AI through a working council, which must in turn hammer out a strategy and implementation pathway, create a talent management framework, and report on how responsible AI can be integrated into acquisitions.

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