Government agencies embracing AI


Adoption of AI technologies among government departments worldwide is increasing, despite concerns from employees about the impact of the technology, according to Gartner. In a research note, Gartner said chatbots are the leading AI technology in terms of adoption by agencies, with half of government organisations having deployed the technology (26%) or planning to do so in the next 12 months (24%). Machine-learning-supported data mining is the next most popular application, with 16% having adopted the technology and 20% planning to do so within 12 months. In total, 84% of are expected to be using chatbots within three years, and 85% are expected to be using machine learning for data mining. Meanwhile, around half of respondents plan to be using other AI technologies such as biometrics, computer vision and GeoAI within the three-year timeframe, and 45% expect to adopt machine translation or deep learning.

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