Here's Gartner's Advice for Marketers with Shiny Object Syndrome


Artificial intelligence for marketing is at the peak of inflated expectations, while customer data platforms (CDPs) and real-time marketing are near peak in Gartner's projections, which means expectations for these technologies are the highest they'll ever be. Nevertheless, along with blockchain for advertising, Gartner said these four technologies have the ability to transform how marketers do their jobs and deliver meaningful customer experiences. The Hype Cycle starts with what Gartner calls the Innovation Trigger, which is where technology emerges from labs and quickly rises to the Peak of Inflated Expectations. From there, the cycle drops nearly as fast into the Trough of Disillusionment, which is about where Gartner placed tech like multitouch attribution, native advertising and personalization engines. That's not to say this is bad tech, but rather as customers start to use the tools, there will inevitably be bugs and other challenges like incompatibility with existing platforms, said Mike McGuire, a vice president analyst in Gartner's marketing practice.

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