Nvidia reaches out to VCs to fund and build the AI ecosystem


Nvidia has come across more than 1,300 AI startups in its Inception program, but the graphics and AI chip maker believes that there aren't enough artificial intelligence startups out there. Jeff Herbst, vice president of business development, said that Nvidia wants to partner with venture capitalists to fund even more AI startups that will build out the necessary parts of the ecosystem for AI, which is expected to become a huge part of the technology landscape going forward. He said the doors are open to partnering because there are so many more startups than Nvidia can help or finance on its own. Nvidia held a lunch on Thursday at its GPU Technology Conference to enlist dozens of venture capitalists in its crusade to change the world through artificial intelligence. Five startups made presentations to the VCs during the lunch, and Herbst spoke with Jim McHugh, general manager of Nvidia's deep learning group, about the trends that will create opportunities for AI startups in the future.

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