Investors eye Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Made in Switzerland


Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to substantially disrupt the financial services industry, transforming how we bank, invest, and get insured. AI refers to machines that are capable of performing specific tasks that normally require human intelligence such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and language translation. AI and related technologies are made possible by the colossal volumes of data we are able to collect and process. AI has been all the buzz these past few years, and according to CB Insights, AI startups raised over US$2 billion in 2016 alone. In the area of financial services, AI is expected to bring major shifts in financial institutions' workforces.

Laundry-folding robot maker will represent Japan at startup competition

The Japan Times

A Tokyo-based startup recognized for its laundry-folding robot has gained entry to an international competition for venture firms, and hopes to represent Japan as a country of innovation. Seven Dreamers Laboratories Inc. was chosen as Japan's entry for the Startup World Cup on Wednesday night in Tokyo, beating out nine other competitors in a business presentation contest. The Startup World Cup was launched last year by Silicon Valley-based Fenox Venture Capital with the aim of connecting more startups and investors worldwide. The final round in this year's competition will be held in San Francisco in May, and will feature 32 firms that have each won their regional preliminary rounds. The overall winner will receive a $1 million (about ¥113 million) investment.

GITEX Technology Week and GITEX Future Stars: News Highlights – Day 1


Dr. Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer at, made his first regional keynote speech at GITEX Technology Week today. Speaking on how an experimental mindset helps drive continuous innovation on a worldwide scale, he highlighted how digital acceleration can create new opportunities and extolled entrepreneurs to work on things that truly differentiate their businesses. At this afternoon's keynote, Dr. Vogels said that the most disruptive businesses in the Middle East are powered in the cloud. Dr. Vogels expressed his excitement to announce that the company is building a presence in the Middle East, which will allow it to harness the power of technology to create a rich featured infrastructure platform for startups and big businesses in the region. Meanwhile, Mike Sutcliff, Group Chief Executive of Accenture Digital at his keynote address highlighted the role technology will play across the private and government sectors.

Data Scientist Fintech AI Startup Machine Learning Focus London £40-50k


RedCat Digital are working with an incredibly exciting fintech start-up with a strong focus on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Neural Networks to find a Data Scientist to join the team in London. My clients aim is to improve people's financial wellbeing and to reinvent the way the employee benefits and financial industry works. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Neural Networks their product is assisting an organisations employees to understand their financial benefits further. My acting as their own'financial advisor in your pocket' my client is able to fully engage, empower and educate their customers, communicating directly with them to engage and improve their financial wellbeing. Their current requirement is for a Data Scientist to join the team in London and to support the introduction and development of the product.

Tony Fadell, Co-inventor of the iPod, Gets Back at Silicon Valley--From Paris


Tony Fadell is at the Grove, a spectacularly beautiful country estate outside of London. The event is Founders Forum: the ultra exclusive invite-only tech conference. Prince William is in the house. The guest list is lousy with knights and lesser officers of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. Marissa Mayer, the now ex-CEO of Yahoo, and Biz Stone, recently returned to Twitter, are mingling with the other hundred or so invitees.

How Startups are making use of Artificial Intelligence


In the previous article, I talked about how one can make use of the internet in a highly productive manner (for those who haven't read the article, can take a look here) which can help increase knowledge and open doors for different opportunities as well. Today, I'll be discussing how startups are making use of artificial intelligence and how they are turning their products and services smarter in order to serve the consumers in a better way. The youth and the coming generations are extremely motivated and inclined towards the idea of starting a startup and pursuing the dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Though this dream comes true only with tons of determination and dedication towards the work you do. Many startups have been made in the recent years and each of them offering a unique product or service is making news in the industry.

Interactive: A Market Map of 50 AI Startups In India FactorDaily


If you're looking for AI-first companies based out of India to work or collaborate with, you've come to the right place. We've collated all the top-funded startups from the country that are harnessing AI in their respective verticals from enterprise to consumer-focused startups, from robotics to computer vision, from speech to predictive analytics, and other sectors. AI is a horizontal technology that's being harnessed across sectors -- which we've tried to map below, with data from startup tracker Tracxn and LinkedIn. Do note that there will be some overlap in the categorisation below. Another disclaimer: this is not a comprehensive list of every AI startup that exists in the country.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence 101 For Executives


There have been many "ages" throughout human history, most notably the industrial age and the digital age. Now, we have officially entered the age of artificial intelligence (AI). Within this AI age are many technologies, including machine learning and deep learning. These are fundamentally transforming and altering the business landscape. Its ability to revolutionize the world has been likened to what electricity did in its day.

McKinsey: You can't do enterprise AI without digital transformation - TotalCIO


Hardly a day goes by without a prediction about how artificial intelligence will radically change our lives -- driving our cars, running errands, sucking up jobs. But what is the state of enterprise AI? Looking to establish accountability across disparate project teams? Trying to automate processes or allow for lean methodology support? Hoping to enable business consequence modeling or real-time reporting? If you answered'yes' to any of these questions, then you need to download this comprehensive, 68-page PDF guide on selecting, managing, and tracking IT projects for superior service delivery.

Marvelstone unveils plans for new AI hub in Singapore


Marvelstone Group, the private investment firm behind Singapore-based fintech hub LATTICE80, has revealed plans to launch its first artificial intelligence (AI) hub in Singapore's central business district in 2018. This is in a bid to position Singapore as a global leader in AI technologies, which is anticipated to be a main growth engine of the future economy. Marvelstone's AI hub is also aligned with the government's Smart Nation vision. According to the press statement, in Singapore, many ideas in the area of AI are still research focused. Hence, there is a need for an incubator such as Marvelstone to bridge the gap to commercialise them for future use by companies and the government.