USAF Plans For Its "Skyborg" AI Computer Brain To Be Flying Drones In The Next Two Years


"I expect the first things that we'll do will not appear as sexy as what you might imagine in a movie, but will be completely game-changing," Roper explained at the conference on Mar. 13, 2019. He did not elaborate, but one of the immediate benefits of an AI or AI-enabled system is the increased speed of decision-making. At first, a drone with Skyborg might not necessarily do anything a manned aircraft can't do already, but it will be able to perform those tasks, such as aerial combat maneuvers or weapons employment, faster based on its set parameters. Where a human might be distracted or confused by the chaos of an aerial engagement, an autonomous unmanned aircraft would simply act. The drone would be able to make its decision quickly, but also based on an immense amount of situational data that would take an actual pilot much longer to process.

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