Introducing Triton: Open-Source GPU Programming for Neural Networks


We're releasing Triton 1.0, an open-source Python-like programming language which enables researchers with no CUDA experience to write highly efficient GPU code--most of the time on par with what an expert would be able to produce. Triton makes it possible to reach peak hardware performance with relatively little effort; for example, it can be used to write FP16 matrix multiplication kernels that match the performance of cuBLAS--something that many GPU programmers can't do--in under 25 lines of code. Our researchers have already used it to produce kernels that are up to 2x more efficient than equivalent Torch implementations, and we're excited to work with the community to make GPU programming more accessible to everyone. Novel research ideas in the field of Deep Learning are generally implemented using a combination of native framework operators. While convenient, this approach often requires the creation (and/or movement) of many temporary tensors, which can hurt the performance of neural networks at scale.

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