5 ways artificial intelligence will change the way we work in 2022


The adoption of artificial intelligence in the workplace was greatly accelerated by the pandemic, and as we inch back toward the office setting, these tools are only expected to grow in value. Fifty-six percent of companies improved their relationship with AI during 2021, up 45% from 2020, according to a recent survey conducted by consulting firm, McKinsey. Within the world of HR, recruiting and hiring have seen a particular uptick when it comes to embracing AI tools. "The traditional 9-to-5 culture is gone forever," says Sunny Saurabh, CEO at AI recruiting platform, Interviewer.AI. "A lot of the workforce is going to go remote in the next three to four years and some of the biggest challenges that we'll find in remote settings is collaboration and how to bring in productivity. In some worlds it was only thought possible in a face-to-face setup -- but now you're seeing a lot of AI tools come in and take over that space."

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