4 ways startups can use AI to make a real social impact, right now


In northern Canada, translator apps are helping researchers preserve a threatened Inuit language and connecting the remote communities that still speak it. In London, developers are working to make object recognition more personal for blind and low-vision individuals, a critical step in including the users of the technology in collecting the data that creates it, and improving their access to the world. At the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, cognitive search functions are being used to tag and classify artworks in more detail than ever before in order to make the collection accessible, in a meaningful way, to people who may never set foot inside. Scientists at the CSIRO in Australia are reducing plastic waste flowing into the ocean by using object recognition on river bridges and sensors in stormwater drains to identify, quantify and remove rubbish before it reaches the sea. The common denominators in these initiatives is the fact they are powered by AI and supported by Microsoft Azure's cloud technology, with funds also provided by Microsoft.

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