Ceremorphic Touts Its HPC/AI Silicon Technology as It Exits Stealth


In a market still filling with fledging silicon chips, Ceremorphic, Inc. has exited stealth and is telling the world about what it calls its patented new ThreadArch multi-thread processor technology that is intended to help improve new supercomputers. Venkat Mattela, the company's founder and CEO of Ceremorphic, calls his latest chip design a Hierarchical Learning Processor (HLP), even though several technology analysts said they recognize it as a system on a chip (SoC) design. The goal of the company is to design, benchmark and market a new kind of ultra-low-power AI training chip. "What we are trying to solve is today – everybody knows how to do higher performance – you can buy an Nvidia machine," Mattela told HPCwire. "Can we have the highest performance in a reliable way? Architecture is how we achieve it," using multiple processors, a multiple logic design and mixing and matching it all.

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