9 Months, 3.5K Contracts: How LegalTech Startup SpotDraft Is Using AI To Bring In The Tech In Legal


"Ultimately lawyers are like programmers, only difference being, they code/write in legal language, which in most cases is English," says Shashank Bijapur, co-founder of AI driven legaltech startup SpotDraft and a former Wall Street Lawyer. It is this belief which led Shashank, a Harvard Law School graduate, from the echelons of Wall Street to finding a startup in the legaltech space which would be capable of using AI to read through contracts, organise, manage and finally, analyse them. But we are jumping the gun here. Roll back a few years to Shashank's Wall Street days where he saw day in and day out what lawyers did. I have seen upfront what lawyers do and how they work.