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Earlier in the year, our new book was released on Amazon, called the AI Dilemma, and it discussed the impacts of AI on different industries, ranging from: financial services, government, healthcare, media and technology, manufacturing, retail, to name just a few. As we review the AI ethics landscape, there have been many developments, some reinforcing that we do not have sufficient guardrails in place yet, while other developments on ethical AI policy fronts giving us increased confidence that the right approaches on AI risks are seriously being considered. This blog reviews aspects of AI Ethics from A Perfect Storm lens and highlights lessons learned from AI failures. Microsoft's Bot Tay - the bot Tay debacle that came up with racists remarks within 24 hours of its interaction with people -it's an important learning on continued risks of AI bots using ML generalizations from large amounts of data. Microsoft trained Tay's algorithm on public data along with material provided by professional comedians to increase language literacy for the bot.

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