10 insights for cultivating a happy workforce through learning MATRIX Blog


These words of wisdom found their way to that part of my brain responsible with long-term memory after watching RIO 2. There was something about that toucan that made this phrase stick. Couple this philosophy with the idea that interviewing and recruiting talent is just like dating and the fact that full time employees spend more time at work than with their spouses at home, and I think you'll agree that working relationships between employees and employers are a lot like marriage. It's not uncommon for companies to take employees for granted and think that just because they are on payroll they will always give 110% or that they will be loyal forever and ever. When all companies want is to take, take, take and think that employees should only give, give, give, their relationship will eventually suffer and their employee turnover rate will get big, big, big. But when both parties treat each other right, and play with all cards on the table, things change.

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