Will evolving regulations stymie AI innovations?


"A model is as good as the underlying data," said Jayachandran Ramachandran, SVP of Artificial Intelligence Labs at Course5 Intelligence during his MLDS talk "Will evolving regulations stymie AI innovations? He discussed how industries and governments recognise this problem and develop regulations and recommendations. He also touched on the recommendations and implications crelated to European Union's AI regulations draft. Today, most countries have an AI policy and strategies in place. The EU is at the forefront of AI regulations and drafts. "The EU draft in 2021 is acting as a benchmark for other countries," Ramachandran noted. The draft seeks to ensure the AI policy is human-centric, sustainable, secure, inclusive and trustworthy. Additionally, the draft focuses on a seamless transition of AI from the lab to the market. Any system deployed for the users based in the EU will be under the scope of this AI regulation. If the consumers are based outside the EU, they will not be held ...

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