Kishida requests people take basic infection measures during holidays

The Japan Times 

One month after Japan's first confirmed case of the omicron variant, concerns are continuing to grow fast with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida requesting people to stay vigilant and to take basic preventive measures during the holiday season. "The omicron variant has been widely spreading around the world. While our nation has placed rigorous border measures, we are also proceeding with bringing forward the booster shots, offering more free PCR testing, introducing oral drugs and securing robust medical care systems with an assumption that the worst-scenario could occur," Kishida said in a video message on Wednesday. As many people are expected to return home, travel and have parties during the year-end to New Year holiday season, the prime minister has asked people to thoroughly take basic measures to avoid infection -- washing their hands, wearing face masks and avoiding the 3Cs (closed spaces, crowds and close-contact situations). Since the first omicron case was confirmed in a quarantine check at an airport on Nov. 30, the number of new COVID-19 infections in Japan has been rising, although the overall number of cases remain relatively small compared with the fifth wave.

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