Experts: Government can provide resources to support AI development


The government can support the development of artificial intelligence by helping educate the public on the technology's potential applications and establishing an ethics policy on its use, several experts told the White House in response to a recent call for public input on future of AI. The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy submitted a request for information earlier this summer to help develop its stance on artificial intelligence, and several organizations responded to the call by outlining benefits and the challenges they believe researchers and policymakers will encounter as AI develops. The government needs to educate the public on artificial intelligence and dispel theories that it will lead to a robot apocalypse, Joshua New, policy analyst for the Center for Data Innovation, told FedScoop. "Destigmatizing it in the public sphere, saying, 'This is like a great technological benefit, we should be pursuing it aggressively,' I think that's the most important thing that the government can do," New said. The Center for Data Innovation responded to the RFI by noting that government should continue to talk about the benefits of AI and attempt to dispel fears of the technology.

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