New DeepMind AI 'spots breast cancer better than clinicians'


A newly developed artificial intelligence (AI) model is able to spot breast cancer better than a clinician, new research has suggested. Google DeepMind, in partnership with Cancer Research UK Imperial Centre, Northwestern University and Royal Surrey County Hospital, has developed the model which can spot cancer in breast screening mammograms in a bid to improve health outcomes and ease pressure on overstretched radiology services. Initial findings, published by the technology giant in the journal Nature, suggest the AI can identify the disease with greater accuracy, fewer false positives and fewer false negatives. The model, trained on de-identified data of 76,000 women in the UK and more than 15,000 women in the US, reportedly lowered false positive results by 1.2% and false negatives by 2.7% in the UK, but is yet to be tested in clinical studies. When tested, the AI system processed only the latest available mammogram of a patient, whereas clinicians had access to patient histories and prior mammograms to make an informed screening decision.

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