Anomaly Detection via Minimum Likelihood Generative Adversarial Networks

Wang, Chu, Zhang, Yan-Ming, Liu, Cheng-Lin Machine Learning 

Anomaly detection aims to detect abnormal events by a model of normality. It plays an important role in many domains such as network intrusion detection, criminal activity identity and so on. With the rapidly growing size of accessible training data and high computation capacities, deep learning based anomaly detection has become more and more popular. In this paper, a new domain-based anomaly detection method based on generative adversarial networks (GAN) is proposed. Minimum likelihood regularization is proposed to make the generator produce more anomalies and prevent it from converging to normal data distribution. Proper ensemble of anomaly scores is shown to improve the stability of discriminator effectively. The proposed method has achieved significant improvement than other anomaly detection methods on Cifar10 and UCI datasets.

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