Robust Deep Learning with Active Noise Cancellation for Spatial Computing

Chen, Li, Yang, David, Goel, Purvi, Kabul, Ilknur Artificial Intelligence 

This paper proposes CANC, a Co-teaching Active Noise Cancellation method, applied in spatial computing to address deep learning trained with extreme noisy labels. Deep learning algorithms have been successful in spatial computing for land or building footprint recognition. However a lot of noise exists in ground truth labels due to how labels are collected in spatial computing and satellite imagery. Existing methods to deal with extreme label noise conduct clean sample selection and do not utilize the remaining samples. Such techniques can be wasteful due to the cost of data retrieval. Our proposed CANC algorithm not only conserves high-cost training samples but also provides active label correction to better improve robust deep learning with extreme noisy labels. We demonstrate the effectiveness of CANC for building footprint recognition for spatial computing.

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