Retrofitting Contextualized Word Embeddings with Paraphrases

Shi, Weijia, Chen, Muhao, Zhou, Pei, Chang, Kai-Wei Artificial Intelligence 

Contextualized word embedding models, such as ELMo, generate meaningful representations of words and their context. These models have been shown to have a great impact on downstream applications. However, in many cases, the contextualized embedding of a word changes drastically when the context is paraphrased. As a result, the downstream model is not robust to paraphrasing and other linguistic variations. To enhance the stability of contextualized word embedding models, we propose an approach to retrofitting contextualized embedding models with paraphrase contexts. Our method learns an orthogonal transformation on the input space, which seeks to minimize the variance of word representations on paraphrased contexts. Experiments show that the retrofitted model significantly outperforms the original ELMo on various sentence classification and language inference tasks.

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