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Tech Companies Try to Retrain the Workers They're Displacing


On January 16, a new course launched on the online learning platform Coursera with an unassuming name: The Google IT Support Professional Certificate. It promised to prepare beginners for entry-level jobs in IT in eight to 12 months. That day, it attracted the largest-ever group of first-time Coursera users, almost half of them people without college degrees. More than 18,000 people have enrolled in the $49-a-month program so far, 160 of whom have completed it. "Even as we were building it, even as it was about to launch, I never anticipated the success of it," says Natalie Van Kleef Conley, Google's product lead for the program.

Artificial intelligence is set to change e-learning


Training and education of the workforce is key to the digital transformation success of many businesses. One tool that has helped foster this is e-learning, especially, as Digital Journal has reported, e-learning is leading the way as businesses shift their training priorities to embrace a digital-first approach. There are many different forms of e-learning, involving a mix of different channels, content, use of video and so on. A shared objective is the importance of flexibility and a blended approach. Advantages to businesses include lower costs, since one training session can be delivered to many people.

5 Things to Know Before Rushing to Start in Data Science


Matrix calculations, derivatives, eigenvalues, Set Theory, functions, vectors, linear transformations, etc. are extremely important to understand the theory behind statistical methods and programming. Therefore, before starting your next MOOC or Machine Learning book it's crucial to review all those concepts again. Most schools request students to be proficient at these methods in order to graduate, but the silver lining is that it won't require too much of your time to refresh or obtain this knowledge. There are plenty of resources to start, but what worked for me was The Manga Guide to Linear Algebra, which is very simple, graphic and provides a great foundation prior getting into more complex stuff. My suggestion is to schedule some weeks to review these concepts and to use the Feynman Technique to be able to explain in simple terms each of these topics.

8 Best Robotics Courses, Training, and Certifications Online JA Directives


After taking these robotics classes you can also get a robotics certification online. However, you can get robotics degree online from a lot of places other than Udemy like coursera, EDx, Futurelearn and so on. Open career opportunities and have fun to learn electronics focused on building robots/automation! Open doors to careers and hobbies and have fun while learning digital electronics! Description: An autonomous light-seeking an obstacle avoiding robot for Arduino Makers that want to learn the hard way.

Netflix or Coursera? How to finish Andrew Ng's 1st Deep Learning Course in 7 days


If you love Andrew Ng's first Coursera course on machine learning as much as I do, you were equally hyped when you heard that deeplearning.ai Since everybody's on a tight schedule, let's try the impossible and finish a course that is laid out to last one month in one week. Let's not rush through though, but actually understand the material. And of course, we'll do it while continuing our 40h/week job. What are the advantages of finishing the course quickly you ask?

Top 10 Free Machine Learning Courses To Study Online


"Machine learning is a field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed" -- Arthur Samuel, 1959. Machine learning and artificial intelligence have been a rising field of research in both the corporate and the academic world. Machine learning proves to be incredibly powerful when it comes to making predictions or calculated suggestions that are based on large amounts of data. If an individual wants to master machine learning, how do you start and from where? In order to learn about Machine Learning, one not only needs a keen interest in it but also have the right resources.

AI is the new electricity, says Coursera's Andrew Ng


No discussion in information technology today is complete without reference to artificial intelligence or AI, in quickspeak. Needless to say, experts in AI are in great demand. Among them, Andrew Ng is often referred to as a go-to guru on AI. He is the co-founder of Coursera, which offers online courses. He is also an adjunct professor at the Stanford University and was formerly the head of Baidu AI Group, and Google Brain. He calls AI, the new electricity. In response to an email from Business Today, he explains why and shares his thoughts on what companies need to do.

What can AI do for the future of e-learning?


THE training and development of your workforce is vital to the achievement of digital transformation success for businesses. And today, more and more businesses are leveraging e-learning to educate their employees.