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How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Transformed E-Learning


For the baby boomer generation and Gen Xers, the goal was to go to a traditional university, receive an education, and then find employment with an established organization they could work with for the rest of their lives. Millennials and generation Z seem less set on traditional university training. They definitely value higher education, but they are looking for alternative ways to receive said education. If they can get a degree without relying on a full time on-campus program, they will opt for that more times than not. As the expense associated with higher education continues to rise, it seems like it attracts more students to distance learning.

Andrew Ng's Next Project Takes Aim at the Deep Learning Skills Gap


Andrew Ng is a soft-spoken AI researcher whose online postings talk loudly. A March blog post in which the Stanford professor announced he was leaving Chinese search engine Baidu temporarily wiped more than a billion dollars off the company's value. A June tweet about a new Ng website,, Today that speculation is over. is home to a series of online courses Ng says will help spread the benefits of recent advances in machine learning far beyond big tech companies such as Google and Baidu.